Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magnet Words for Fun and (Shh!) Education

Today I'm happy to welcome Julia, who brings a frugal and fun guest post!  Here's a quick introduction:

Julia has lived with a family of six and an income of one for nine years. She writes from her Iowa home about frugal living, home schooling, and geocaching, which you find through her crafty catch-all site,  She also hosts the Frugal Tuesday Tip linky, which is definitely worth checking out!

Since my late teens, I have liked magnetic poem words. The cost prevented me from buying a set of my own magnet words. One day, while looking at yet another free advertising magnet, I was inspired to turn them into magnet words. We get many magnets in the mail and keep every single one. I have no idea why we keep them, because we don’t put many things on our refrigerator. (Except irrelevant magnets.)

So I cut a magnet apart, separating the words on it. In the blank areas, I wrote my own words with a fine tipped permanent marker. Then I found more magnets and cut them apart for more words. Now I have my own magnet poem words, I didn’t spend any money, and the words are so random that they are great!

When I first started using magnet words, my four kids were home schooled in grades 8 and under. Every one of them would try to find a word that he saw earlier but couldn’t find when he wanted it, or another kid wanted to find a word but didn’t know if we had that word. I suggested they alphabetize the words and started organizing them near the bottom edge of our front door, below eye level. Sentences and phrases are placed at eye level. The result: an instant language arts lesson. Free of cost, organically occurring, and fun and meaningful to the child.

Thanks for being here today, Julia!

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  1. I love this idea! I might be able to get a little less "help" in the kitchen if I did this for my son. :)


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