Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Fave Five: A Full Week

FFF spring

Time for another edition of Friday's Fave Five! It's been a full week, so I'll get right to my list.
  1. Easter:  We spent Friday with my parents and, after celebrating with our church family on Sunday morning, we spent the afternoon with my mother-in-law.  It was a tiring weekend, but it's all good.
  2. Prizes:  I won a DaySpring gift card in a blog giveaway!  I love to shop at the DaySpring website, and I'm having fun trying to decide how to spend the winnings.
  3. Biopsy:  Well, not the biopsy procedure itself, but the fact that it's over!  I was also blessed by the compassion of the nurse who stayed with me through the entire time.  She answered my questions, reassured me, and held my hand during the tough parts.
  4. Spring flowers:  My red/yellow/orange tulips are in bloom, right in front of the house.  So pretty!
  5. Antenna TV:  We've been watching this new network for old shows.  It's not all family-friendly, but we've been watching "The Partridge Family," "The Monkees," and occasionally "The Three Stooges."  DH and I have been enjoying the flashback to our younger years, and Mooseman is seeing these shows for the first time.
What have been the highlights of your week? Share them in the comments, or write your own blog post and link up to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


  1. hi ,i just lok in.
    please look back to me!
    i`m a tightwadder and live frugaly and have done that my whole life..

  2. Sounds like you have had a full week. I love watching the old shows on DVD, and I forgot about the Monkeys. Now I will have the theme song running through my head today LOL

  3. I love the old shows!

    Glad you got thrugh your biopsy and that you had a compassionate nurse to help you through.

  4. Glad you had a compassionate nurse. Holidays can be overwhelming and I'm glad you enjoyed it despite being tired. I love Easter. Have a great weekend.

  5. Awww...spring flowers! Glad you have some to enjoy.

    I think nurses are just awesome. I admire them tremendously. So glad you had a great one.

  6. I am glad that your nurse was compassionate. I am sure that helped immensely.

  7. OH!! i love those old tv shows!! how fun....sounds like you had a great week...enjoy the weekend!!

  8. I hope all turns out well with your biopsy, those times of waiting can be very stressful!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter. I'm sorry you needed a biopsy but I'm glad you had a good nurse and that it's over! I hope all is well.
    I'm so happy that our bulbs are finally blooming, too! it took so long this year. Next will be lilacs.
    I was so cray about Davy Jones and David Cassidy as a kid. LOL!

  10. I love this! The highlight of my week was taking my new son to church the for the first time - on Easter! What an extra special blessing!

  11. please please please...
    either take them or have mooseman take them..
    either way, PLEASE post the tulips..
    i love them and wish i had some here so bad! :)
    PLEASE... did i say that yet?