Friday, April 15, 2011

Blessings Amid the Thorns: Friday's Fave Five

It's been a few weeks since I participated in Friday's Fave Five, but I wanted to join in this week. Not that it's been the best week ever ... far from it, in fact ... but because I am eager to share the blessings in the midst of trial.

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You see, it's been sort of a good news, bad news week. The good news is that my depression has--at least for the past few days--lifted. That happened too abruptly and too soon for the latest med changes to explain it, but almost exactly when we learned about some abnormal test results. This new health scare, as not fun as it is, has brought with it some wonderful gifts.

I'll tell you more about the health situation next week, but its existence is the preface for some of my favorites this week:
  1. Thinking about our mortality makes us re-prioritize, doesn't it?  In this last week, my family has not only spent more time together, but also treasured that time more.
  2. I have the best friends ever.  I've shared the news with my Bible study group and just a few other friends.  I've received a flood of compassion and prayers for which I am very, very thankful.
  3. At first I was worried as I considered every possible end result.  That night I reminded myself that the Lord has a purpose for allowing us to face trials, that He has the situation under control, and that this is part of His plan.  I asked that He would fill me with peace, and He graciously granted me that request.  I can honestly say that I am at peace with whatever happens, even though I'm impatient to know just what we're dealing with.
  4. A while back I wrote that my husband was painting our bedroom.  He finished soon afterward, but I haven't yet posted any photos.  The paint color is such a delicate shade of sage green that the picture hardly shows it, but it's beautiful and tranquil.
    freshly painted room
  5. Our spring bulbs have been in bloom for a couple of weeks now.  The white and purple hyacinths, bright yellow daffodils, and red tulips look so cheerful!  If my son has a chance to review and edit the photos he took, I'll include one here.
    red tulips
    Image courtesy Mooseman Photography. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence.
Wow, did I really list five favorites without once mentioning food?  That might be a first! ;)

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What have been the best parts of your week?


  1. my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer in January. She had surgery and is now going through the chemo treatments. she is doing pretty well with them so far. My mother in law had surgery in Feb. for recurring breast cancer but has decided not to do chemo or radiation. And, my mother's very good friend, who is basically my aunt was just diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. It is hard to understand why the Lord does some of the things that He does. But we know that He knows things that we cannot begin to understand. And, we know that He holds us in his hands with the utmost strength and tenderness. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you had bad news, but you definitely have the right attitude. God will see you through this, and He will hold you up each step of the way.

    I'm glad you have friends who flood you with comfort!

    Redoing a room really lifts the spirits, doesn't it? Good for your hubby, to paint your bedroom!

    Had to smile at you saying that you can't believe none of your favorites included food! I considered mentioning chocolate yet again in my post, but decided against it. We must think alike!

  3. Glad you are still hanging in there. Your son does very well with his photography too. As my wise husband says "Things seem brighter when the sun is out". LOL Glad the flowers are blooming and spring is on blooming for ya :)

  4. so glad that through it all, peace is with you!
    i was waiting to hear back from you, but figured, you would update in time...
    Hugs being sent your way..
    and mooseman photography?!
    WOW, really excited to see where this is going...
    maybe you can have him post a pic or two a week so we can see his works!!!

  5. Sorry you have had scary news. I pray the peace continues.

    Good for you to focus on the blessings in your life instead of the uncertainty.

  6. Praise God for His gift of peace. May He continue to grant you that and uplift you and give you strength. Sorry you had bad news but I love how you are hanging onto Him through it. Sometimes it's hard to understand God's plans and purposes but you're right, He does have it under control and has a plan. Praying for you.

    Lovely picture your son took!

    I laughed at your no food this time comment. Sometimes I feel like that too. I feel like sometimes that's all I list. LOL.

  7. Food is always a favorite of mine too so to not mention food is a rarity for me. :-) Love the red flowers. Wow.

    Praying for your continued peace and I'll be watching and praying about your announcement next week.

  8. Wonderful friends are really something to be thankful for, as is a newly painted wall, goes a long way to making us feel better.

  9. Whatever the health situation is that you are facing, the Lord already knows the outcome!!! that is so exciting and i'm so glad you found some peace about it....loved the tulips!

  10. Your son's picture is beautiful! So glad you're filled with peace. I'll be praying that continues and grows. Take care!

  11. Wishing you continued peace. Your faith is truly amazing Melissa, an inspiration to your family, friends, and readers who happen upon your blog!

    My thought and prayers are with you. ♥

  12. I'm sorry that you had some scary results, but I'm glad that it has changed your focus, and your depression has lifted. I hope it stays that way. I love the blooms and the beautiful bedroom.

  13. I think light sage green would be a great color!

    Thanks for visiting me at A SEason for All Things. I'm your newest follower (and fellow homeschooler) and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    ~ Ellen

  14. I am catching up (again). You are in my prayers.


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