Thursday, February 3, 2011

20 Ways to Show Love Right Now (Guest Post)

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We are called to show love, but I think sometimes we forget that showing love doesn't require a grand gesture.  My dear blogging friend Michelle, who writes at Cross Driven and StickBurbia, put together a list of ways to show love right now.  Many of them are free, require no preparation, and take only a few moments.

I hope you enjoy Michelle's guest post as much as I do!

As a Mom who doesn’t always have a ton of time in this season of my life, I find it hard at times to show love to people or be a blessing any way to them. Despite this season of my life, I think that there are many ways one can show love to others and it doesn’t take much.
  1. Make someone a card. Have the kids decorate it with markers, stickers, or stamps.
  2. Drive a little slower and let people go in front of you. Think of others first, even while driving.
  3. Call someone on the phone just "because." Let them know you care.
  4. Shoot off an email of encouragement to someone you know who is struggling.
  5. Write a post on a friend’s Facebook wall. Tell them how wonderful it is to know them.
  6. Bring a sick friend some food. Help tidy up their house or offer to play with their kids while they rest.
  7. While shopping, I often see people who can’t reach items. Offer to get it for them.
  8. I don’t know how many times I’ve been approached at the grocery store for assistance from older people. Helping people find items is a really small, yet much appreciated, way to help others.
  9. Carry someone’s groceries for them.
  10. Offer to babysit for a weary mom.
  11. Shovel, rake, or mow someone’s lawn and don’t accept money.
  12. Bake cookies for someone.
  13. Invite a new family from church or another group over for dinner.
  14. When visiting or invited to someone’s home, offer to do the dishes or help serve.
  15. Offer to pray for someone everyday for a period of time (week, month, year) and then do it.
  16. Hold the door open for someone.
  17. Smile at a stranger.
  18. Save up your loose change in a jar. When it's full, give it to someone in need.
  19. Buy someone a coffee, or better yet, pay for someone’s meal, dry cleaning, or gas.
  20. Give something you value to someone who doesn’t have anything. Watch their faces light up.
There’s my 20 things. What kinds of things do you do to show love simply?

Like Michelle, I'd love to hear your ideas for showing love simply!  And if you'd like to read more by Michelle, visit her at Cross Driven and StickBurbia.

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  1. What a fabulous list of things you can do to help others. I remember one day in the store, somehow an elderly lady struck up a conversation with me and we just talked and talked like we were old friends. I think she just wanted someone to listen for awhile. Of course I was in a hurry that day and I felt like God was just telling me I needed to spend some time with her right there in the store. I will never really know what that conversation was all about except that God had me slow down that day and put others first.

  2. I like that Tammy! I was in the grocery store one time (which is what got me thinking about this post) and I was asked by an elderly man for help finding the vinegar. They had just switched the store around and I didn't exactly know where it was, but I told him where i thought it was and he was really thankful. Well I was shopping and I passed the vinegar. I was with my children too this day and it could have been a thing where I just forgot about it and moved on, but I realized I told the guy the wrong aisle. So I found him and told him exactly where it was. My kids were watching all of this of course and I realized how much us parents talk to our kids. Why not actually show it? I am much more cautious of the things I do now when my kids are around. They watch everything and they saw that day that I chose to care about an old man instead of myself. We all have the ability to put aside a few minutes for someone else. We just have to be more intentional about doing it.

  3. What a great list! It really shows the heart's intention: that people matter.

  4. Yay for guest posting. MB this was a great list.

  5. Helpful list. I think I will make a few "just because" phone calls.

    I wrote a similar list on my blog, but it was 10 ways to show love at our church. I enjoyed writing it because it made me think and assess whether i had done those things or not.

  6. what a great list..
    thanks for the SIMPLE reminder

  7. Thanks for sharing--and the comments too!

    I was so touched the other day when I was making a card for someone on our prayer list at church and my daughter asked if she could help. By the end, all 3 were helping and we made cards for everyone on the hospital prayer list. It was so special--for me!