Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesday - January 19

Job 37:10

On Tuesday morning, we woke to the sound of sleet hitting the bedroom window. When the sun came up, we could see that the tree branches were encapsulated in a thin layer of ice. It's prettier than you can tell from my photo!

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  1. Lovely photograph and verse to pair together!
    It is amazing to consider all of nature, including ice, and how it points to our Creator and His glory.

  2. oh I bet it was gorgeous! ice can be so beautiful! as long as I'm at home and I don't have to go anywhere :) Congrats on being the featured friend at ifellowship! :) nice to meet you. your blog is wonderful!

  3. ooo i haven't seen that verse before (or at least it hasn't stood out to me!) i love it! Thanks!

  4. Doesn't a fresh coating of snow or ice make the world a beautiful place--as long as your cozy inside with a nice hot cup of coffee!

    Stopping by from iFellowship (and I LOVE your little button with the sheep!).

  5. ohhhhhh, so pretty. I know the ice is not that great for the trees if it gets too heavy, but isn't it beautiful to see the world kind of is a frozen, still, quiet state...just for a moment? Stopping by from Seeds of Faith, and soon to be following...lovely blog!

  6. Sometimes a photo doesn't capture the fullness of God's beauty - I vote for scratch n sniff photos to be invented! Happy iFellowship

  7. Beautiful! That verse is from one of my all time favorite passages! Happy Word-filled Wednesday!

  8. LOVE your new look Melissa!!!

    That's a beautiful picture and verse. Have a great day!

  9. Wonderful graphic! Thank you for sharing it. Following from iFellowship.

  10. wow.........I've never noticed that verse either! How perfectly, prefect!


  11. Lovely - wonderful pairing of your photo with Job 37:10. Congrats on being the featured friend today at iFellowship!
    Deb @

  12. Congrats on being featured on Seeds of Faith. Happy iFellowship Day. We had some snow with sleet here too. Today it is raining and melting some of the snow. Ice storms are so dangerous but pretty.

  13. Beautiful verse and picture! We jsut got some freezing rain here. Love the look of it, but so scary! There has already been several accidents in a few hours. Ugh!

  14. wait...
    you took the photo?
    great picture..
    i love the photo and verse


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