Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesday - January 12

On Monday morning, my old acquaintance Depression made an appearance, and this time he brought along his friend Insecurity. In the midst of that, I picked up my Bible and came across this verse. God's timing was, as always, perfect.

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photo credit: Flickr user C Jill Reed.


  1. How beautiful that God placed the very verse you needed at the exact moment that you needed it. He is ever faithful.

  2. LOVE when HE does that...shows us EXACTLY what we need to hear at the anointed time!

    peace and prayers...

  3. May those companions leave you quickly as the One True Friend sticks by your side!

  4. God's timing in indeed perfect... may you continue to find strength to deal with whatever friends come your way!

    Happy WFW!

    Joy & Blessings,

  5. Ah, have you ever read "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard? It's a beautiful allegory about girl named "Much Afraid" and how God showed her who she really is. That's what your words remind me of. He is so patient and faithful to us in our needs. Thank you, great post!

  6. Hi,
    Thank-you for stopping by my blog and for following me.
    I am following you too.
    You have a wonderful blog going here.
    God does watch over us and take care of us.
    God Bless You and Happy New Year.
    Mom's Misc. Adventures

  7. What a beautiful verse! How have I missed this verse before? So glad you posted it, and I can't wait to go look it up in my Bible.

    And, yes, thank you Lord for your perfect timing!

  8. True indeed. God never forsakes those who trust Him. :)

  9. I hate that you have unwelcomed visitors..
    But I am SO GLAD that HE was able to show you a message to help!


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