Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Week of January 17

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Our menu plan for last week turned out fairly well, except that I had to juggle a few of the days around.  But on Thursday night we experienced a near-catastrophe:  the dishwasher broke.

We mopped up the gallons of water on the floor, DH diagnosed the problem, and we decided to replace--rather than repair--the dishwasher, which is quite old, anyway.  We saved some money by not ordering from the place that offered the quickest delivery ... which means that I'll be without a dishwasher all week.

I say this with tongue in cheek, for I know that, as tragedies go, this is right up there with breaking a fingernail.  Nevertheless, my current dishwasherless state is the motivation behind the easy, quick clean-up, dinners I've planned for this week.

Monday:  Chicken parm (from the freezer), pasta with garlic and oil
Tuesday:  Deli-meat sandwiches, featuring whatever is on sale this week
Wednesday:  Hamburgers, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli
Thursday:  Homemade pizza (pizza sauce from the freezer), salad (maybe)
Friday:  Pancakes and applesauce

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  1. great menu....lov e the friday "breakfast for dinner" plan :)

  2. Paper plates will be perfect with all of those!

  3. I love Fridays meal. We often do pancakes here when I get sick of trying to plan! LOL. Love org junkie too.

  4. I love pancakes for supper...but the hubby thinks it's "weird". This is coming from the man who eats Campbells soup for breakfast, though.

  5. My condolences on your dishwasher, I would probably have a nervous breakdown if I had to go a week without one!


  6. YUM Pancake and applesauce sounds like the best to me!

  7. Great looking blog! thanks for stopping by and checking me out!
    Have a fantastic rest of the week.


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