Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Future of This Blog

While I was taking a bloggy break at the end of the year, I was also praying about the direction of this blog.  If I had any doubt about where God was leading me, He answered that question clearly this week.

I've know I've said--probably more than once--that my current content doesn't really reflect the tagline that I've been using.  I'm not sure why I was reluctant to change the tagline "officially," but I've now taken the leap.  That's the reason for the new blog header, too.

While I was away from the blog in December, I wasn't reading many blogs, either.  In fact, I don't even remember how I came upon the @StickyJesus website ... but I liked it so much that I immediately ordered the book.  I know that I'm probably starting to sound like a commercial for this website and book, but I'm very intrigued with the idea of "keeping it real & living sticky online 4 Him."  I haven't yet taken the pledge to be a Digital Scribe, because if I do, I want to be sure I can keep it.

So, on the first day that I was catching up with some favorite blogs, I found myself reading a post called Crossroads: Finding your bloggy purpose.  In this post, Amy Bayliss lays out a process to find your bloggy purpose.  It's a great article, and here's just one key point:  "You are at a crossroads. Do you blog for you? Or do you blog for Him?" 

Amy links to another blog post, this one by Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience.  This one is on Upside Down blogging, which she defines as blogging "with Jesus increasing and us decreasing."  She also includes A Blogger's Prayer, in which she dedicates her blog to the Lord.  This means seeking to honor Him rather than being concerned with popularity, stats, and so on.  It's a beautiful prayer of submission, and I encourage you to read it.

So after all of that (and additional nudges), I think the Lord has conveyed His message with abundant clarity.  I'm moving forward with that conviction.  The blog content will probably not change a lot from what it's been recently.  I still plan to write about everyday life, recipes, new/favorite products, the ways that God is working in my life, and living on a budget--but I'm going to make a more deliberate choice to keep my focus where it needs to be.  It's about His glory, not mine.

Do you know the song "Starry Night" by Chris August?  I heard it on the radio this morning while I was thinking about this post, and it seems to fit.  Here's a snippet of the lyrics:
I'm giving my life to the only one who makes the moon reflect the sun
On that starry night, He changed my life.
I'm giving it all to the only son who gave me hope when I had none.
So let the praises ring, let the praises ring

I’m an Upside Down Blogger

image credit: Flickr user Bagoogoo


  1. I love this song...I love your new header...and I love your direction!! Isn't Ann Voscamp a blessing? More power to you, Melissa!

  2. That is the key. Keep it real don't force it.

    Some blogs seem as if their authors force themselves to write the meditative posts because that is what their blog is about. With the expectation comes the loss of authenticity.

  3. Congrats on finding your path- I know it will be interesting as you are!

    New direction for new year is always a good thing!

  4. Congratulations on making this official :)

  5. I am so happy that you have found your "direction" I am looking forward to all that lies ahead!!!!
    HUGS to you..
    LOVE the new header as well!

  6. This is so awesome, Melissa! It sounds like God has been nudging you in some of the same ways He has been nudging me. I look forward to reading more about it. :)

  7. Yeah I'm very excited and LOVE the new header :)

    Love that song :) To an amazing new year!

  8. What a great post! (I'm enjoying going through your links too.) I feel like I was floundering around when I started--mostly because you have to start somewhere, right? But now that I'm getting more comfortable I need to find a clearer definition too.

    I'll also say this--I've been so amazed and encouraged by the other Christian bloggers out here making their statement of faith. It's given me courage I might not have found alone.


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