Friday, January 21, 2011

Family, Friends, and Paper Plates - Friday's Fave Five

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Friday is the day we get together to remember the best parts of the week!  If you'd like to play along, click through to visit our gracious hostess, Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

Thanks for stopping by to read my list!  We've had another fairly quiet week, but with another snow/ice day.  Unlike last week, though, we were not stuck at home for several consecutive days!  So here are the highlights and things that made me smile this week:
  1. Paper plates ... and the hope that my new dishwasher will be here very soon.  For the past week, my dishwasher has been nothing more than a big dish-drying rack.  Although I'm still not a fan of hand-washing dishes, our simplified menu plan has given me a bit of a break.  I'm already thinking about what to cook (and bake) next week!
  2. My sister Amy and her husband both celebrated their birthdays this week.  Although we're not geographically close, I'm blessed to call them family.
  3. Our church food pantry has been thriving.  Our congregation has been generous, and the ministry has been able to help a number of families.  It's a blessing to be part of it.  Outside of that, my husband is signed up for a one-day missions trip (for lack of a better description).  It's an amazing opportunity, and he is eager to participate.
  4. For the most part, my depression and anxiety have been held at bay this week.  Because I've had more energy and ambition, I've been able to keep up with an exercise program (which, in turn, helps to drive away the depression).  To prevent boredom, I've been doing some of everything:  riding the stationary bike, exercising with KettleWorx, and doing other strength training.
  5. This week, again, I am particularly thankful for my friends, especially my husband.  I don't know what I'd do without these people who talk to me, make me laugh, and just put up with me. :)
If you'd like to link up your Friday's Fave Five list, you'll find the linky at Susanne's blog.  Or if you'd prefer, share your favorite part of the week in the comments below.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. the exercise will help with the depression symptoms. Of course, when they are bad you really don't want to exercise...

  2. Hi I'm visiting from Susanne's blog. I enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you have had a pretty good week. I don't suffer from depression but I do know that exercise always makes me feel more energetic and upbeat - it's a wonderful tool and I am glad it is helping you :) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Birthdays of loved ones at the same week sound a lot of fun. I'm probably the laziest individual on earth when it comes to exercising, even a stationary bike. Glad you're doing well.

  4. What a great list. I'm so glad your food pantry is so successful. Usually ours at church really struggles to restock after the holidays. We just finished a food drive through the kids Wednesday Bible Club, so I know that several people in our area now have access to tuna fish!

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family as you struggle with depression. It a tough place to be, and I'm glad for you having a good week!

  5. Lots of birthdays this week around blogland. It's nice that you have stayed close to your sister even though you live far apart!

    A simplified menu plan is definitley what I need this week. Hope your new dishwasher comes soon!

  6. It's no fun being without a dishwasher:( Your kitchen will feel brand new again when the new one arrives!

    What would we be without the family and friends who love us. . . I'm so grateful for all of mine.

  7. lol, i read your post title to fast...
    HA - I read "family friendly paper plates!"
    wow... anyways...
    glad to see that your uninvited guest of depression has kept his distance...
    your hubby is great, so supportive!
    here is to a great weekend!

  8. Birthdays and snow days are worthy of celebration! Don't we all love those little endorphins we get from exercising? It's like they're an extra gift we receive when we bless our bodies.

  9. Oh goodness praying the dishwasher comes soon, I know how helpful they are!

    What a wonderful show of giving to have the pantry full!

  10. Sometimes paper plates are just what we need to get through a situation. I don't use them often, but its nice to have them when I need them..

    Glad exercising is helping you, I think its wonderful

  11. Oh I am so with you on handwashing dishes. Listen to me, we have a tea room all the dishes are china and all of them are washed by hand, yup, I do that and I so enjoy the off season and my diswasher, yes. I so enjoy a combination birthday celebration and we have 4 in March, takes care of lots of running around. It is great that the pantry is full at the church, sounds like a very giving bunch of people, caring and sharing. Have a wonderful week


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