Monday, January 24, 2011

Dishes and a Dirt Devil (CSN Stores Product Review)

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Shopping at CSN Stores, I am like a kid in a candy shop. They sell (seemingly) everything for the home, and I could spend hours browsing the Kitchen & Dining, Bed & Bath, and Exercise & Fitness sections.  Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity for a shopping spree, courtesy of CSN Stores.

I looked at many options, and I kept bouncing back and forth between choosing something practical and choosing something fun.  In the end, I was able to do both.  Delivery was very quick:  I placed the order on Monday (which was a federal holiday); two items arrived on Wednesday, and the third arrived on Friday.  I'll tell you about all of them, but let's start with the practical one:  a vacuum cleaner.

Dirt Devil vacuum
For years, I've been a bag lady. I thought that every good vacuum cleaner had to use disposable bags to collect dirt.  The other features of this Dirt Devil Ultra Swivel Glide Bagless vacuum cleaner gave me the incentive to try a bagless model.  I also liked that the power switch is close to the motor:  my last vacuum had the switch in the handle, and it broke almost immediately.

Assembly instructions could have been clearer, but my husband had no trouble putting it together.  The red plastic of the casing reminded me of a toy.  (Note that this is toward the low end of the range of upright vacuum cleaners that CSN Stores sells.  I didn't expect it to be equivalent to a pricier model.)

What I found, though, is that it does a fine job of cleaning the carpets!  It's lightweight (about 13 or 14 pounds) and easy to maneuver (thanks to the caster wheels that make turns easy).  I also looked into the cost of replacing the filter.  According to the product manual, the filter should be replaced about once a year.  The manufacturer's price for that filter is around $20, but I've seen it elsewhere for less.

In summary, the Dirt Devil vacuum is still new to me, and I haven't yet tried using the attachments, but so far I like it.

For fun?  Well, I was seriously tempted by the inversion tables, but I opted for two smaller items:  a set of fitness resistance tubes (which arrived yesterday and haven't yet been tried) and a pudding and mixing bowl.

Gordon Ramsay pudding and mixing bowl
This 1-quart bowl, made by Royal Doulton for the Gordon Ramsay Oven-to-Table Bakeware collection, is very versatile.  Its white porcelain and simple design complement the dishes I already have.  It's oven-, microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe (all fine qualities in my book).  It's made to have excellent heat retention, so I can see using it as bakeware but also for keeping foods hot at the table.  (Who likes cold mashed potatoes?)

Since I wasn't doing much cooking last week, though, we found another use for this bowl:  it's just right for a family-size ice cream sundae.

family sundae

Disclosure:  CSN Stores provided me with a gift certificate to facilitate my review.  I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.  All logos and product images (other than the ice cream sundae) are the property of their respective owners.


  1. So you got a shopping spree, used it on a vacuum and got an extra bowl as a throw in for writing a review? If so good deal. The Sunday is a bonus as well

  2. Sounds like a good vacuum cleaner. The bowl is lovely.

  3. Oh I love that bowl! Very nice review too. Hope all is going well.

  4. i am heading to your house for that sundae!!!


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