Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Snowy Week (Friday's Fave Five)

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Friday is the day we get together to remember the best parts of the week!  I'm glad you're here! If you'd like to play along, click through to visit our gracious hostess, Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

Another week, another snowstorm (or two), so I've mostly been at home.  Still, a few things from this week really shine:
  1. When we went grocery shopping, my son said, "I'll be right back."  When he returned, he was holding a beautiful plant--which he wanted to purchase for me "just because."
  2. On Tuesday I was running behind schedule, and I didn't have dinner ready when my husband came home.  I was rushing to catch up, and he asked how I was doing. I explained that I felt as though I was ten steps behind, and I felt overwhelmed because of it.  His response was, "It's okay.  You are important enough to wait for."  (Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful husband??)
  3. As I've been refining the focus of my blog, the Lord has been working on me through the 31 Days of Heart Matters series by Amy Bayliss.  I am still praying on it, but I know that He has been leading me through the process.
  4. My new dishwasher is here! :)
  5. Finally, one more frivolous item:  I have long wished to have an immersion blender, but I couldn't justify the price of the ones I was finding.  When my supermarket had one on sale for about $10, I couldn't pass it up.  I've been having fun experimenting with it to make frothy coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and spaghetti sauce.
With all the snow we've been having, I wanted to share a few pictures:
snow collage
If you'd like to link up your own Friday's Fave Five list, stop over and see Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. Or feel free to share your favorite parts of the week in the comments. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow—what a thoughtful son! Love the flowers. And a great husband too. Enjoy that new dishwasher. I got a new one not long ago and am loving it. Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. yay for kind sons, amazing husbands and a new dishwasher!! lol....that's looks like you all have more snow down there than we do here in NY! nice pics.....

  3. The plant and the hubby are oh-so-sweet! And a new dishwasher is wonderful.

    Your pictures are lovely. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. You do have a wonderful husband.

    Hurray for the new dishwasher. Ours was limping along for the last couple of years and when we replaced it this summer it was very thrilling to have truly clean looking dishes!!

  5. What amazing men you have in your life! Your husband has set an great example for your son to live up to.

    Oh goodness the snow!

    Yeah to the dishwasher, I hope it gives you some extra time. I know mine has :)

  6. Awww....what a sweet boy you have! He must have learned that from his dad, by the sounds of it!

    Looks like you have about as much snow as we do here in Alberta - which, IMHO, is WAY too much!

  7. Beautiful pics of the snow. Hurrah for new dishwashers!

  8. How sweet that your husband brought you those flowers. What beautiful colors too in the midst of all the snow you have been having

  9. So sweet of your son to get those for you and your husband's sweet comment! :)

    Love my immersion blender! Dh got me one for Mother's Day last year!

  10. Aw! I got flowers this week also, they are a life little pick me up. Lucky lady to have a hubby to point out the obvious to you, that was nice.
    love your snow pictures I'm right there with you snow and more snow.

  11. Wow such wonderful men in your life! :) It's those little things that can mean so much isn't it. :) What a blessing. And a new dishwasher is always something to get excited about. :)

    Thanks again for your prayers for our family! :)

  12. I am enjoying your blog. I came over here from Living to Tell the Story's FFF.

    I am trying to figure out my blog focus as well. Thank you for the link and your posts on this topic. You've given me some good info to digest.

  13. mooseman is AWESOME!
    Hubby is super sweet...
    i love this list...
    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow pics...
    i think i am drawn to looking at the snow, kinda living through the computer...
    what awesome pictures!


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