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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Scatterbrained Homemaker

This is how I spent part of an afternoon last week. Tell me, does this sound like perfectionism or ADD?  Or something else, entirely?
  • Decide to dust and vacuum one bedroom, clean two bathrooms.  Go upstairs with broom, mop, and dust cloth.
  • Sweep both bathroom floors.
  • Spray both toilets with cleaner and pour cleaner into the bowls.
  • Start decluttering one counter.  Gather and put away ten boxes of assorted cold meds in a closet.  Remember that the box of OTC meds needs to be sorted and purged of expired products.
  • In the closet, remember that I need to write two more Christmas cards.  Dig through twenty boxes to find the ones I want to use.  Bring the cards out of the closet and place them somewhere that I'll remember them.  Maybe.
  • Wipe down the counter and clean the sink.  Realize that I don't have glass cleaner with me, so I can't clean the mirrors.
  • Collect the plastic cups to be washed.  Don't replace them immediately, even though I know I'll forget all about it until I brush my teeth at bedtime.
  • Clean one toilet.  While scrubbing, try not to focus on the ickiness of the job.  Instead, think about how perfectionism can keep us from achieving reasonable, worthwhile goals.
  • Start off to clean the other toilet, but stop to dust the bedroom.
  • Declutter the other counter.  Toss three empty toothpaste boxes and two empty toilet paper rolls.
  • Scrub the sink.  Make a mental note not to buy the brand of toothpaste that hardens into cement when it dries.  Pause for a moment to admire the shiny clean sink.
  • Clean the second toilet.
  • Start mopping one bathroom.  Get halfway through, then decide to mop the other one first.
  • Mop the other bathroom, then go back and finish the first one.
  • Decide that vacuuming can wait.
Remarkably enough, my objective was to be efficient by cleaning the bathrooms in parallel.  Um, yeah.  Do you have weeks days like this?  Tell me it's not just me!


  1. As I was reading I didn't see anything abnormal about this at all. Sounds exactly how my days go LOL I don't think it is ADD or Perfectionism or anything like that - I think it is called "Being a Mom". :) Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Wanna come to my house and give it a try???

  2. feel free to head on here...
    i hate hate hate cleaning the bathrooms!
    (that is marc's job!)

  3. I just wish I had a bit of your ADD here, as I can not even force myself to clean my bathroom, let alone two of them at the same time!

  4. You my dear are just amazing ... lol I so need to be better at the cleaning bathroom thing. Where is my house elf? LOL


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