Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Christmas Music from

Who doesn't love Veggie Tales? And who doesn't love free? Right now, is offering a free download of The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree. The album contains some traditional favorites (Silent Night, Joy to the World) as well as some songs that are new to me.

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree

If Veggie Tales isn't for you, you might be interested in some of the other free MP3 albumsand free MP3 songsnow available.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to verify the price before you make a purchase.

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  1. The Boys love Veggie Tales!! Thanks Girlie :)

    Thank you also for being such a great friend, I'm really just kind of sick of the situation. I sounds like from a friend of the person a innocent call but the reason for the contact again I think really is just a cry for wanting attention and work ones way back in. I'm trying to take it in and get some guidance and see what is the best way I should handle it.

  2. Oh I love veggie tales! Thanks for sharing the link, I'm going to download it now and share it with my nieces!

  3. I got that too when it was available. I love the veggietales. I also ordered from them when they had everything half off about a week ago or so. Just got it today and it came with a bunch of stickers and cards for the stockings! Nice :). I love Big idea.


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