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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Private Social Networking:

This post brought to you by MyTies. All opinions are 100% mine.

I like the idea of social networking, but a few concerns keep me from using the well-known sites more.  My major concern is the potential for privacy and safety issues.  If I use my full name and my hometown, and then I tell the whole world that I'm away from home--whether I'm shopping at the supermarket or seeing the sights in Paris--it seems like an invitation for trouble!  Even if I don't list my hometown, how many people do you know who are named Melissa Applebottom Picklenose?  (That's not my real name, but it's about as uncommon!)

Enter free, mobile-only, private social networking application for the iPhone.  Use your personal address book and contacts to create groups, and you'll have multiple private networks.  So you can share work information with only your coworkers ... coordinate a Girls' Night Out without getting your boss involved ... and send a photo of that 18-scoop hot fudge sundae to your sisters without sending it to your weight-loss coach!

I do not have an iPhone, but I think sounds terrific.  No one can find you on My Ties.  No one can see your posts unless you've invited them.  And only you can invite people to see what you've posted.  You get the networking without the privacy issues.

So if you have an iPhone and you're intrigued by the idea of private social networking, I encourage you to check out!

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  1. It sounds interesting Melissa! I don't have an iPhone but my husband has been eyeing them so you never know. We may be the owners of one soon. :)

  2. I posted about this too. Sounds interesting, but I'm iPhone-less. :-)

  3. I totally agree with you on the privacy issue.

    Wish I had an iPhone! This is my kind of social networking :) Thanks for sharing!


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