Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Amy here again. I'm healing pretty well from the wisdom teeth issue, but not entirely on solid foods yet. So I'm dreaming of all sorts of delicious things for the upcoming Thanksgiving week.

We live hundreds of miles away from family, so we usually spend the holiday with just immediate family. Since I do all the turkey day cooking, I like to take it easy in the days ahead. Yesterday I picked up a spiral sliced ham; we usually have that for the weekend before the holiday, probably with a German Potato Salad. My recipe is a bit saltier than Melissa's, but otherwise the same. With the precut ham, the family can grab meals when they're hungry and I won't have to cook three times a day every day.

I confess to having a Thanksgiving Day spreadsheet. It's not pretty, but for the past four years, I have all the menus and schedules for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners all in one place. I also make notes after the meal, so I can get a little better at it each time. A few days before, I put the final timetable together, so I know that, for example, at 1:45 it's time to take the turkey out of the oven, put the rolls in the oven, and start the gravy.

Tonight we'll be finishing the menu plan, so I can shop on Friday. Of course we have the traditional roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. And no holiday is complete without deviled eggs! We've put together our own stuffing recipe, using sweet Hawaiian rolls with diced apples and sweet onions. Yum! Cranberry sauce does not appear on our table (why buy it if no one in the room will eat it?)

But the big question is dessert. My family doesn't care for pie. I used to make pumpkin and apple each year and throw them away uneaten. Two years ago we had Chocolate Mousse for dessert and last year we make upside-down cake. One of the kids won't eat pineapple, so I made an Apple Upside-Down Cake just for her. We're undecided for this year's dessert still. A local ice cream shop makes a fabulous seasonal Cinnamon Ice Cream, and I'm thinking of maybe some baked apples with Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Hope you all have a great holiday next week!

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  1. The spreadsheet is such a good idea :). I always say I should do things like that but never do. I did write out my menu with is a first for me, so when I went shopping I had exactly what I needed.

    I so was going to suggest baked apples that ice cream sounds wonderful with it!


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