Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coffee Cakes and Sourdough: Favorite Recipes

Now that winter is on its way, it's baking season! I've managed to keep my sourdough starter alive through the summer, and I'm looking forward to trying new recipes with it. For now, though, I'll share a few recipes that I've tried and liked.

sourdough coffee cake

  • Sourdough starter (Don't be intimidated:  this is very easy!)
  • Sourdough banana bread
  • Sourdough coffee cake I've tried a few variations on this recipe, and every one has been good!  In every case, I've sprinkled the additional ingredient on the batter before the crumb topping.  We liked it with chocolate chips, as pictured above; with thinly sliced fresh peaches; and with thinly sliced apples.  With the apples I added a handful of old-fashioned oats to the crumb topping.  I have not yet found a variation that we didn't like!
Since I only have a few sourdough recipes, and I'm now thinking about coffee cakes, I'll link up a couple of my favorite coffee cake recipes:

bacon coffee cake


  1. Oh wow - it all sounds yummy to me, and well anything with bacon, that is always a winner.

  2. I love sourdough breads. The bacon brown sugar coffee cake sound delicious.

  3. Never really used sourdough when baking. Think I will have to give this a try. Really inspiring :)

  4. Oh yummy, you know I had to tweet this one Melissa!

  5. It all looks delicious! My kids favorite season is baking season! :)

  6. i have always wanted to make a few things, but the sourdough starter intimidates me...
    thanks for the encouragement


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