Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amy's Family Meal Plans this Week

Amy here, just helping Melissa out a bit. I read the poll results and know everyone enjoys hearing about food! So here's our plan for this week:

We usually do our family meal plans once a week. Last weekend we made Manicotti using homemade pasta on Friday, then both red and white chilis on Saturday. Sunday and Monday we had leftovers of those two dinners, adding quesadillas to the second Chili Night.

Tuesday night was a favorite of ours: Chicken a la Suisse, modified from my first grownup cookbook. I bought myself a copy of The New Good Housekeeping Cookbook not long before we were married, since my cooking skills needed help. This is one of the first recipes I attempted for a group dinner, although I've modified it for simplicity. I'll have to write out my recipe, but it's very similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu, with a creamy, slightly tangy sauce.

Wednesday's dinner was Beef Stroganoff. I combined several recipes from cookbooks and websites to come up with a solution that fits our tastes. No mushrooms in my kitchen!

Today (Thursday) we may go out for dinner. If not, we're having Chicken Fajitas, to use up some bell peppers we bought last weekend. Hubby has a work holiday but the kids are in school, so we'll have a mini date today.

Then I’ve got something really exciting planned for Friday: removal of all four impacted wisdom teeth! Aren’t you all jealous? That means soft foods for me, and probably frozen pizza for the rest of the family for the weekend.

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  1. I just wrote out a menu plan for the month so I will hopefully keep myself a little more organized this month. Your menu plan sounds wonderful but I really don't think I will be incorporating "Friday" into my plans anytime soon :)


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