Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader Poll: I Need Your Input!

credit: Flickr user hjl
Since I started this blog, its focus has changed quite a bit.  I quickly learned that it was futile to compete with the established frugal/deals bloggers, who are already doing a fabulous job in that niche.  I started out posting some bargains, some frugal tips, some recipes, some handmade cards.
Over time, I've changed the topics to reflect the ways that my "real life" has changed.  For example, I haven't made cards or tried many new recipes for months.  (Our weekly menu plans are too repetitive to be interesting to anyone except for my hungry family!)  As this blog has become more personal, I've unofficially changed my tagline from Cooking, shopping, baking, gardening, and living--on a budget to Family, faith, food, and frugality.
But today I'm here to ask what you like to read.  I've put together this quick poll.  Would you please take a moment to respond?

Please be honest! And thanks for your help!


  1. Vote submitted :)

    I personally think you have a very interesting blog ♥

    I try to get over here daily and read :)

  2. ok, so i voted for everything...
    i love your blog just like it is!
    It is YOU

  3. I voted! Now I am ready for Nov. 2;)


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