Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: A Birthday and a Blog Party

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Welcome to my Friday's Fave Five list for this week! I'm glad you're here!  It's been quite a week.  So let's pull a couple of barstools up to the kitchen counter, and I'll pour us some chocolate milk before I bring you up to date. :)
  1. We started the week with Mooseman's birthday party.  We kept it low-key, just the three of us plus our parents, but it was fun.  Mooseman decided to decorate his own cake, and I think he did a fine job!
    birthday cake
  2. I've had so much fun this week with the Retro Runway blog party!  Chatting with online friends and looking through old photos has been good.  Posting a photo of myself from my high school yearbook was a giant step outside my comfort zone, even though I obscured my face in the picture!
  3. I have been spending all too much time this week battling depression and anxiety.  The blessing hidden in that is that God has been so faithful!  Whenever I've been down, He has been right there--giving me a sense of peace, sending a friend to encourage me, or bringing me to the Bible verse or the song that I need to hear at that moment.
  4. DH and I are planning a date for this weekend.  Nothing fancy or expensive, just quiet time alone together.  Sounds perfect to me!
  5. This saying ties in with #3:  "God never wastes our sorrows."  I may have paraphrased it, and I can't verify who said it--although I've heard it attributed to Joe Stowell.  In any case, I believe it's true and it's comforting to know!
Thanks for reading my list!  For more Friday's Fave Five, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  Before you go, though, I hope you'll take a moment to answer my reader poll.  Thanks!


  1. The cake looks yummy! What day was his birthday? We celebrated Aaron's on Saturday.

    It's wonderful when God is right there for us. He's always there,but sometimes we miss Him.

    Dates are great,no matter what you do! :) Have fun with your hubby!

  2. Glad you are blessed with a friend, a sense of peace to ward off sorrows. A date! now isn't that wonderful! Happy birthday to Mooseman.

  3. That is so sweet that your son wanted to help decorate his b-day cake. I pray that this week will be a better one for you and that you have a great "date" this weekend!

  4. YAY for birthdays!

    And I hope you and your husband have a wonderful, quiet, relaxing date night this weekend - as planned!

  5. He did a GREAT job decorating his cake!!

    HUGS sweetie It was great to see a pic and much love with you!

    Have fun on your date night!

  6. That cake looks great! He did better than I usually do.

    Dates are good! Glad you're able to work one in this week.

    God is so faithful to send just what we need to our hearts.

  7. Isn't it wonderful when God sends a word just when you need it?

    Your little man looks like a fine cake decorator!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Enjoy your date with hubby!
    How awesome is God to meet us where we're at....great quote too!
    HAVE A FANTASTIC matter what ya do!

  9. I'm the queen of frugal at my house so I'm happy to find your blog for ideas. Thanks for visiting mine.

  10. Love the cake, what a GREAT job!! Kudos to your son! :)
    Sorry to hear about your struggles with anxiety and depression, those can be so hard for women!! But thank God He is there to walk it with you! :)

  11. You're right -- He never wastes our sorrows. Hope things are looking up. Enjoy your date!!

    Your son did a great job on the cake!

    Happy week ahead.

  12. Your son did a great job decorating his own cake. Sometimes its fun to be in control.

    Thanks for sharing honestly about your struggles. Again, its great you have such a supportive husband

  13. Happy Birthday Mooseman!!!!!
    I loved the Blog Party, although it was pointed out numerous times how young I am!!!!
    Let me know if you need anything, Sorry the depression is showing its ugly head this week...
    Just look at the blog party and laugh!!!!

  14. I love how God shows us He is there by sending just the right thing that we need to lift us.

    What a great job he did decorating the cake. Have a great date night.

  15. Oh it was a perfect comment and I lost the connection, story of my life.
    I am drooling over your cake.

    Depression, it takes time I hear. In the meantime take it upon yourself to indulge in laughter, sometimes it can be hard to laugh so once and awhile something has to pursuant you. Go read my #5, maybe it isn't that funny but I sure busted a gut over it.

    have a good weekend

  16. Sorry you’ve had a tough week this week with depression and anxiety. I know how tough that can be. But good to hear that God has been faithful to you! He always is; we just can’t always see it.

    Hope you have a great date with your hubby. I actually had one with mine last night; went out to eat then watched a movie we got from the library, “Invictus.” Lots of fun.

  17. Mooseman did a great job on the cake! Sorry the depression took a spike up this past week:( Hopefully next week is smoother. {{Hugs}}

  18. I agree with the others, he really did a great job on his cake! I'll bet it tasted yummy too.

    I have had my share of anxiety and one thing that I did was take a bunch of verses that comforted me and wrote them on index cards.

    If you're in the grip of depression or anxiety it can sometimes be hard to focus and think truth. So having verses on 3x5 cards is a way to be able to get that truth into your mind and heart.

    There were days when I actually carried the verses around in my back pocket. I especially love Phil. 4:6-8. And vs. 8 is awesome because it actually TELLS you what to think about and what to dwell on.

    So I'd ask myself "Is what I'm thinking about true? Is it right? Is it pure (meaning are my thoughts honoring to God?)?"

    Sometimes we can get in a mindtrap with our thoughts. I remember a time when I was grieving for several months, and felt depressed when we lost our foster child we were hoping to adopt. During that time I realized it was best to just wait it out, and stop analyzing (in my case I was trying to analyze my feelings) and just trust God to bring me through it.

    Anyway, I'll stop before I write a book. Just wanted you to know that I understand how difficult those feelings and emotions can be, but as you said He is so faithful!


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