Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Dog - I Was Just Looking!!

Months ago, I mentioned my dog and promised to share a picture of her.  Well, better late than never, right?

Reading GoD and DoG got me thinking about Emily, who has been gone for almost eleven years.  I say she was my dog because she was with me before I met my husband.  After we met, though, he "adopted" her as his own, so she was our dog for the last few years of her life.


Emily was a beagle-Springer spaniel mix.  I didn't plan to get a dog.  I stopped (just to look!) at a store that sold puppies from local breeders.  When I saw this litter of puppies, I thought they were just adorable.  One of them seemed kind of shy, not clamoring for attention like the others.

Once I held her and played with her, it was all over.  Who could resist a cute, cuddly puppy with those big brown eyes?!  The clerk marked her belly so that no one else would take her, and I said that I'd be back the next day.  Since I'd been just looking, I didn't have any supplies to care for a dog!

She wasn't perfect, by any means.  That whole shy demeanor was an act, I think!  She was stubborn (I've heard that that's a beagle trait).  She liked to chew (carpet, furniture, electrical cords, you name it).  She had some icky digestive habits, of which I'll spare you the details.

But more than that, Emily had a really neat, fun personality for a dog. She was lovable, intelligent, and loyal. One time, when I was home alone with Mooseman, she barked and scared away a couple of burglars. She was very tolerant when Mooseman was born and started getting all the attention.  She even put up with toddler hands in her face!



  1. She looks so sweet and innocent. Just beautiful.

  2. Dogs are so wonderful... but cats are pretty special too! (We have an orange kitty.)

  3. Ahhh I so love that face! I keep saying I want one but then I think of the work that would be all me.


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