Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: Faith, Family, and Friends

If it's Friday, it must be time to join up with Susanne for a new edition of Friday's Fave Five!  Thanks for stopping by to read my list.
  1. This week I am especially glad that, for believers, our earthly existence is as close to Hell as we are ever going to get.  That assurance is a huge blessing!
  2. We started the week with a wonderful worship service followed by a time of fellowship.  As always, I'm so grateful for my church family.
  3. I met with a professional who confirmed what I suspected about my medical condition.  It's going to be an uphill climb, but this is a step toward finding resolution.
  4. My husband and son have been especially supportive of me this week.  DH holds my hand, reassures me, and clears roadblocks.  Mooseman hugs me and makes me laugh!
  5. DH and I have scheduled a date for Saturday.  Yay!
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  1. Yay to the Saturday date. It's good to know what's going on about a medical condition from an expert. Supportive loved ones make an uphill climb easier, don't they? Happy Friday!

  2. Sounds like your week has been emotional but positive. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

  3. Amen to #1!

    I'm glad you are getting to what you need for your health. And to have a great support from your hubby and kids is a true blessing.

  4. Church family and support from your hubby and kids will help you through any struggle. I'm so glad you have support.

    I pray comfort and healing from the Lord for you.

  5. Yay!!!
    Date night!!!
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of those!

  6. Praise Jesus, we have Hope! I love love love my church family. Within the last year we have started having carry-in meals following the evening service every week because everyone was always hanging around so long to talk, it just seemed like a good idea to make it official! Love it. :)

  7. I'm so glad you got into a dr and getting some answers. You're family is the best!

    Yeah to a date night! Jealous!

  8. Date night... can't ever have too many of those! Enjoy.

    I like this: This week I am especially glad that, for believers, our earthly existence is as close to Hell as we are ever going to get. A wonderful thought!

  9. It sounds like you may have gotten some assurance as to an issue, hopefully your up hill won't be a hard climb. It is even less of a climb with supportive family around and you have that.

    Have a good date on Saturday.

  10. my hubby and I have a date afternoon this weekend as well...yay for dates!

    So glad you have a support gonna say a prayer for complete healing for you.....

  11. A supportive husband is something to be very thankful for. Sounds like a good week.

  12. So glad you have gotten a diagnosis and medical help to go with that great family support! The hard journey to the top of that hill will make the victory that much sweeter.


  13. Church family can be so great! :)God always knows what we find out about anything. It is heard a lot,but He is in control! So glad your family is being loving and supportive!


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