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Monday, August 2, 2010

We Are the Body: Encourage One Another

If We Are the Body...This week At the Well, the topic is encouragement.  Although Gina's post refers to homeschooling, the need for encouragement and fellowship is obviously not exclusive to homeschoolers.

When we started homeschooling, we knew hardly anyone else who was on the same path.  Homeschooling that way can be very isolating!  Over the years we've found a few groups through which we've had opportunities for park days, co-op classes, service projects, and field trips.  Best of all, though, have been the friends we've made through those groups.  Just spending time with other moms who understand is very encouraging.  We all have good days and bad days, highlights and challenges.  I can share these with other friends, but sometimes only another homeschooling parent can really "get it."  My husband is the one I generally turn to first with my homeschooling joys and frustrations, but sometimes it helps to get suggestions from someone who knows us but isn't so close to the situation.
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Gina shared a list of ways that we can reach out to others to support and encourage them.  I think it's an excellent list, and I plan to adopt at least some of her suggestions.  I also like her idea of identifying our own challenges, then asking someone to help us with those particular concerns.  It can be humbling and difficult to admit that we're struggling, but sometimes it's the only way to get the support we need.

What about you?  Where do you find support and encouragement?  In what areas of your life do you need more of that?


  1. Those are good questions. I have a difficult time asking for help and identifying what I really need. The difficulty really comes from the fact that a lot of the time when I've asked for help in the past it wasn't given so I guess I have a protect-myself mentality.

    I recently broke down to an old friend who happens to be a current client about some of the difficulties I'm having. He's helping on the business side of things somewhat and I'm very appreciative. I also need more/different help in that area. And also in taking care of my home and family. I was so surprised when my husband and I separated when I was 8 months pregnant with my last child and came to see me, help out or anything. At the time I was active in my church and supposedly had "friends." That, which I'm not sure I told you before, is what caused (contributed to?) me to leave a church I had been an active member of for 10 years.

    I'll have to check Gina's list .... great post!

  2. I don't know. It is hard to identify where one needs help - especially when one is too independent. I do know I need encouragement/words of affirmation from the stand point of mental health - my main love language is words of affirmation and my husband speaks it about as well as he speaks Russian. ;)

    I will be interested to see where our homeschooling journey takes us (yes - we are going to home school for the first time this year).

  3. I know it's hard for me to ask for support or help, I'm trying to be better because I know support is what keeps us strong.

  4. I have a hard time asking for help...
    Giving help is something I can do all day long...


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