Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Resources for Spiritual Growth

At the Well:  Your Personal Quiet Time
Today is the start of a new Bible study At the Well.  The study is just two weeks long, but promises to be in-depth.  Click through the caption above to download the (free) PDF study guide for the first five days.  I was so blessed by the last Bible study from these ladies, and I'm excited to start this new one.

I'd also like to share the link to a new message from Dr. Charles Stanley at In Touch Ministries.  Last night I pressed a button on the TV remote and somehow landed on the Inspiration channel.  I was sure that I'd pressed Up Channel or Down Channel ... yet somehow I changed from channel 110 to channel 269.  It must have been a God thing, because it was just in time to see the beginning of a message that I needed to hear.  I didn't watch it straight through, but you can view it here:  The Truth That Sets Us Free.


  1. It was a sign from God to go there. Sometimes those simple little things just make me smile because I know I needed it at that moment.

  2. Thanks for the links! I think the channel switch was a God thing! :D

  3. He speaks to us daily and sometimes pops in full blast when we need it most! It was definitely a God thing. Thanks for the video link, it was awesome.

  4. Thank you for both of the liks. I will check them out.

  5. everything happens for a reason, God wanted you to see that message

  6. I really like Dr.Stanley. He is so practical


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