Sunday, August 8, 2010

SwagBucks Specials and a Bonus Code for New Members

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You've heard me talk about Swagbucks, right?  If not, you should know that I {heart} Swagbucks; you can read about it in my earlier posts.  What I wanted to share today is about some cool Back-To-School promotions coming up this week:
  • Five one-of-a-kind Back-To-School themed Swag Buck bills in varying amounts - collect them all throughout the week and you'll earn yourself a 50 Swag Buck bonus!
  • Sales on all School Supplies and Cookie's Kids items in the Swag Store
  • Some special Facebook/Twitter specific promos
  • Swag Code Extravaganza on Thursday, a day in which they'll put out no fewer than 5 Swag Codes!
Plus, if you're new to Swagbucks, here's something you might find interesting:  Enter the code BackToSchool while signing up before 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, August 15, and you'll receive an extra 40 Swag Bucks at sign up ... for a grand total of 70 out of the gate.

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.  If you click through my links and sign up with Swagbucks, I will be eligible to receive Swagbucks for the referral.  Thanks!

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  1. The bonus is great. I see people really racking up the points on theirs.


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