Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chosen - Chandra Hoffman (Book Review)

In Chosen, a young caseworker becomes increasingly entangled in the lives of adoptive and birth parents, with devastating results.

I keep saying that I don't read a lot of fiction, but here I am reviewing another novel! This one, Chosen by Chandra Hoffman, is unlike the books I usually read.  It's suspenseful and haunting, definitely a page-turner.  In the first few chapters, I kept wanting to peek at the ending.  Instead, I just kept reading, and before I knew it, I was halfway through the book!  The chapters are very short, which kept me reading "just one more" each time I picked up the book.

What most strikes me about Chosen are the rich, vivid characters.  Chloe, the caseworker who juggles the demands of everyone else as she deals with the challenges in her own life.  Jason and Penny--a desperate, impoverished couple who have nothing except a baby that everyone else wants.  The McAdoos and the Novas, two couples who each experience their own struggles.  All of these characters are multi-faceted and realistic.   The alternating points of view that the author uses help us to identify with each character.

The book contains profanity and some rather raw scenes.  It's not an airbrushed picture in any way.  Jason, for example, is a rough, demanding, desperate man.  The author portrays him so vividly that I literally had a nightmare about him.  When I read about his girlfriend Penny and all that she suffered in her young life, I felt awful for her, especially when she had to make life-altering decisions.

Edited to add:  Sarah Eliza left a comment to ask whether, in the end, I was glad that I'd read the book.  Yes!  Although it was heart-wrenching at times, the story was satisfying and I'm happy I read it!

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  1. What?! You don't read a lot of fiction?! Hopefully a few more page turners like this will turn you into a book nut.

    Great review. And thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. I might need to look into this book. I was adopted when I was a baby and this might be very interesting to read.

  3. Whoa, quite a page-turner! And such a vulnerable subject... it sounds interesting but I'd almost be a little apprehensive to pick it up lol. In the end were you glad you read it?

  4. This sounds like quite an intense book. Thanks for sharing your review!

  5. I might love this book. Family relationship and conflicts sounds so real to me for a book. That's why I love this kind of book. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower. =)

  6. I'm so glad I stopped over from the book review party because this is the first review I've read of this book. I won an e-copy of this book so hopefully I will be able to read it soon. I'm glad you liked it!


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