Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap: Some of Everything!

Lots of updates for this week!  Some are personal, some are bloggy, and some are other neat things I wanted to share.

If you're a fan of family-friendly television (like Secrets of the Mountain), don't miss The Jensen Project. It's on NBC tonight at 8/7 central.  To get involved in the campaign to promote more family-friendly TV, check out Moms 4 Family TV.

A few days ago, Mooseman went outside to check on the garden, and he came in with 17 (yes, seventeen) cucumbers!  We've eaten them plain, we've used them in tossed salads, we've pickled them, we've made cucumber salad, and we've given some away.  If you have any other recipes that use cucumbers, please send them to me!  (And, as I'm typing this, he just brought in six more cukes.  Recipes, please!)

Speaking of Mooseman, he just made a video ad for his website, and he would love for you to check it out.

Prize winners!  Congratulations to Linda Kish, who won a copy of Baby Body Signs, and also to jakiesmom, sandra, and Anita Yancey, who all won copies of A Maze of Grace.  All winners have been confirmed.

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I've slacked off, in a big way, with the KettleWorx program--for reasons that have nothing to do with the program itself.  So, even though I plan to continue using it, I'm going to wrap up my review.  (Click to read all of my KettleWorx posts.) 
  • I found the KettleWorx Six Week Body Transformation program to be fun, effective, and increasingly challenging.  The Cardio workouts were especially challenging for me.
  • My favorite workout was the Core series.  I also noticed the most results in that area, which is very encouraging!
  • Since I've been using the KettleWorx program, I've noticed that I have better muscle definition and tone, and, to a lesser degree, increased endurance.
  • I appreciate that the KettleWorx program focuses on developing long, lean muscles, rather than on bulking up.  My husband was concerned that I'd start to look like a bodybuilder, but no worries about that. :)
  • I chose to modify or skip a few of the moves to prevent back strain or knee pain; the makers of KettleWorx accurately describe the program as "intense," and I recommend that you heed the safety precautionsI recommend the program; just exercise appropriate caution.
Finally, I wanted to share the video for a song that I really like. Hope you enjoy it, as well!  (You can see an unofficial, somewhat shorter, but still excellent video--for the same song--here.)

Disclosure: I received the KettleWorx program, at no cost to me, for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and your experience may vary. Before using this product, read the manufacturer's safety information and consult with your physician.  I have not been compensated in any way for the other product mentions.

image credit (cucumbers):  Photobucket user poonafrog


  1. wow my dear your garden is a cuke heaven :) I wish I had something for you. You could do like they do on iron chief and make the cool cucumber rolls but that is some fancy knife skills :).

    Good for you you'll get back on the program with it we all have some ups and downs with exercise :).

    Love the songs you always post.


  2. Love the reviews and info.

    I'm intrigued about that Kettleworx. I chuckle when I see the ad on tv, yet deep down I'm quite interested. Thanks for writing about it.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  3. Seventeen cucumbers?! Wow. That's fabulous. I wonder how dried cucumbers taste. LOL... I have no other ideas how to use them 'cause you've already done everything I know.

    That workout sounds great. I may have to look into that 'cause it targets the areas that I'd like improvement on: long lean muscles and core. Great review.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and Hubbie's creative "eye-pad". Hehehe...

    I am looking forward to watching the Jensen show now even more. I had intended to watch it first and than expose kiddos to it later, but since it sounds like a family friendly show I may just let them watch with me.

    Take care,

  5. Hi Melissa, I am waiting for my first cucumber, and I can't wait anymore. You asked where you get rootbeer extract - it is where the flavorings are in your grocery store. Wal Mart tends to have it the cheapest. Have fun and eat a cuke for me.

  6. Wished you lived near!! I would love, love, love to take some cucs off your hands. I usually plant a garden but after two years in a row of rodents and pests destroying my perennial beds I decided that I need to focus my yard time on fixing up the yard instead of growing produce and preserving it. :(

  7. So cool your son has a blog. Was his "commercial" for his blog? Pretty inventive. If I liked cucumbers, I might grow them. My daughter is growing corn. it's so funny...we live in a suburb and we are growing corn!

  8. Checked out moosemans video..sounds like things are blowing up.
    I have been invited to a kettle class. I have several friends that love the workout. I appreciate you sharing your review. It helps me to understand it better. I don't want to look like a body builder either.

    Love the Mark Schultz song

  9. i love cucumbers!
    cucumber salad.....
    the cucumbers you get at teds montana grille.......


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