Monday, July 12, 2010

Unburdened (Chris Tiegreen) - Book Review

As hard as I try, I still struggle sometimes with giving God all of my burdens.  I've heard the same thing from others, too, so I know I'm not alone!  That's why I was eager to read Unburdened by Chris Tiegreen when I heard about it through the Tyndale Blog Network.

Subtitled "The Secret to Letting God Carry the Things That Weigh You Down," Unburdened promises (on the back cover) to be about "taking the burdens you currently carry and making them much, much lighter ... transferring the weight of your responsibilities from the weak shoulders of your flesh to the strong fingertips of God ... [and] learning to live in deep-down, heart-level freedom."  Sounds pretty good to me!

The first half of the book is mostly about the burdens that we carry and why we would want to lay down those burdens.  To be honest, I found very little new material in these chapters.  But the second half of Unburdened was the payoff.  In the last four chapters, the author tells about how to lay down the burdens and not pick them up again.  As you might guess from the titles of these chapters--Passion, Perspective, Praise, Presence--it's all about redirecting our energy, talents, and time to purposes that please God.  I found these chapters to contain an ideal blend of spiritual and practical approaches.  The author acknowledges that laying down our burdens may be simple but it's not easy.  Unburdened doesn't promise an instant solution to all of our worries, but I think the author offers an excellent way to deal with them.

Here are a few passages that I bookmarked:
Whenever we feel the weight of our burdens, there's some aspect of God's character or some truth from his Word that we aren't fully trusting. (page 67)
A life without expectations would be a life without faith or hope. We don't want that.  What we want is a life without agendas that aren't going to get fulfilled or that don't match God's purposes.  We want to get rid of wrong, misplaced, distorted, and self-centered expectations.  Those are the ones that weigh us down the most. (page 117)
With regard to the expectations that others have of us, we have to remember that people will place demands on us that God doesn't.  We get our instructions from him, not them.  He tells us to love and serve others, but that doesn't mean we let them define for us what love and service should look like. When we keep our eyes on him and let him direct us, we will not be overburdened. (page 122)
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  1. I really have to get that book when I get some extra money. I didn't go to the mtg this Sunday at church do to not feeling well. But the same thing happened more things pilled on the few that do things and made to feel like it is something you must do. Glad I wasn't there I was in sassy mood and probably would have reached my breaking point.

  2. I really liked this book. I even noted some of the same quotes that you did in my review!

  3. I am still reading this book and enjoying it. Yes the first half of the book isn't anything new although I picked some things out that were good reminders. I am also really liking Trusting God. I have way too many books to read and not enough of me to go around!


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