Thursday, July 29, 2010

La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station (Review)

Thanks to CSN Stores, I had the opportunity to review a La Crosse Technology wireless weather station.  This neat little device not only tells me the time, temperature, and humidity in this room, but it also reports the temperature at another location (within 330 feet).

Mooseman set it up in less than ten minutes.  He says that there was little to do except insert the batteries.  He's done everything that needs to be done with this weather station; I've only looked at it! 

The receiver can be used on a desktop or other flat surface--which is what we've done--or it can be wall-mounted.  The sensor, which is intended for outdoor use, looks sort of like a television remote control; it's white like the receiver, but has no display, and it measures about 1-1/2" by 5".  We're using it in an upstairs room to monitor the temperature difference between the two levels of the house.

The weather station offers flexibility:  the time display can use a 12- or 24-hour clock; the temperature can be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.  It's a neat gadget.

Does it work?  I think so.  The temperature readings have been exactly in agreement with another electronic thermometer that we have.  The humidity readings are consistently ten degrees higher than the older device indicates.  This would be a dilemma for over-analytical people like me, but I tend to believe the new weather station.  I don't know if these devices become less effective over time, but I know that the older one has been subjected to extreme testing ("Look how high the humidity is when I exhale into it!").  Because of that, I believe the readings from the new weather station more than from the old thermometer.

CSN Stores carry a wide range of weather stations, so check them out if you're looking for something like this.  My purchasing experience with them was, as usual, excellent.  Although I received a promo code, I shopped and ordered through the website; I also had occasion to speak with a customer service associate on the phone, and he was both courteous and professional.  I recommend CSN Stores without reservation.

Disclosure: I received this product, at no cost to me, for review purposes.  I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.  Your experience may vary.  Thanks to CSN Stores for the review opportunity!


  1. I love weather stations. We are are on our third one (they seem to last 3-5 years and then die - depending on what we paid for it).

    The only really lasting one we have is from Oregon Science (I think that is the name) that I got from Wind and Weather for my husband as a gift years and years ago.

  2. My mom has one at the house and I think it's so cool, the boys love to check it out. What a cool thing to review and CSN is a great place to shop.

  3. love CSN
    and i think it is funny mooseman set it up!


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