Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Guy's Guide to Life by Jason Boyett (Book Review)

Guys need a guidebook, one that asks and answers the questions they're reluctant to discuss. They need a book that addresses the myths of manhood with a straightforward approach teenage guys will appreciate and absorb. Author Jason Boyett understands what many fail to realize—that somewhere between the awkwardness and braggadocio, the goofiness and the developing body, there is a real person struggling to make his mark on the world.

I requested a review copy of this book because I thought my 12-year-old son might like to read it.  However, this book review is mine, not his.

In A Guy's Guide to Life, author Jason Boyett provides practical tips (how to shave, how to bulk up your abs), communication advice (how to get along with your parents, how to be a true friend), and answers to questions that teens may be too embarrassed to ask.  The book is divided into three main parts--Mind, Body, and Soul--each of which contains five chapters.

I have mixed feelings about A Guy's Guide to Life.  There are a few points on which I think the author is a bit wishy-washy on Christian principles.  Aside from that, I think most of the information and advice in this book is on target.   However, in his attempt to connect with an audience of teen boys, the author uses slang that I found not only unnecessary, but also objectionable.

There's one passage, though, that I want to share with you.  The chapter on dating includes a list of the Top Ten Rules of Dating.  One of the Rules is "Treat her with respect at all times," and the explanation includes this passage:
Whenever you go on a date, you absolutely must keep one thing in mind:  this girl will one day become someone's wife. ... When you go out, you've been given the privilege of spending quality time with someone's future wife.  That means treating her with the utmost care and respect. ... Don't do anything with her you wouldn't want someone else doing with your future wife.
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  1. We prefer "courtship" over dating. That way everyone stays "above reproach" and their is no question as to the purity of either of the young people.

  2. I like this review. Sounds like an interesting book. I've read books that seems to straddle the fence on the Christian viewpoint and although one's opinion may sway one way or another I do believe that in writing, especially advice and how to, it should specifically assert a stance. If that makes sense. :-)

    Oh, just FYI, I'm going to add an update to the book review I did yesterday. I finally remembered the part I forgot. LOL. It was something you said here that triggered the memory. Of course, I tell you this 'cause I gotta know what you think. "See you soon."

  3. HI MELISSA!!! Ok, just wanted to say hi. Feel like we haven't chatted and I wanted to say I appreciate you for listening to my rants for the last month or so :).

    Also, I requested a book from navpress after seeing your review yesterday or the day before. I've been reading so many books...I think my blog should be renamed Take Two Book Reviews..LOL. But some of the books i review actually go on my Christian blog and the other ones on the Take Two blog. That way there isn't book overkill. How are you doing? Are you enjoying your summer? I hope so. I'm off as always, but I'm trying to "think positively" as that is what everyone is telling me to do. I just am not wired that way, but I'll humor them. Hope you have a good day.

  4. My son and I could have used this book when my husband was deployed to Iraq. During that time my son developed whiskers. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to draw blood with an electric razor.

    P.S. I am enjoying the humor in your disclosures!

  5. I always love your review because they are true and not afraid to say it. GREAT job.

  6. great review...
    with 4 boys, this looks like something i might need to invest in!


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