Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: Vegetables and VBS

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This week has flown by! Thanks for stopping by to read about my five favorite parts of the week.
  1. Vacation Bible School.  Mooseman and I are both volunteering this year, and it's been fun.  Busy, but fun and rewarding.  As my depression has flared up again, the opportunity to serve others has helped keep it at bay.  Redirecting my attention to pouring lemonade and serving Goldfish crackers has, at least temporarily, taken my mind off the "stuff" that drags me down.
  2. Friends.  At VBS I've met some new people and had the chance to spend time with some friends.  One special moment happened when a friend and I realized that we were both feeling stressed.  We prayed together, right where we were standing, and it was such a blessing for me.
  3. New clothes.  I don't have a lot of clothes, and my selection of church clothes is quite limited.  On Sunday, even though the weather was hot and humid, I picked out a black sweater.  Bad choice, but it prompted my husband (after he said, "Why in the world would you wear that today?!") to suggest that I get some new tops to wear to church.  I found two cute blouses on clearance, and they've already arrived.  Yay!
  4. Garden vegetables.  We picked our first two tomatoes this week, on the day we were having tuna sandwiches.  Perfect timing.  We've still got an abundance of cucumbers, and the stuffed peppers I made last Friday were delicious.  As a bonus, we had enough peppers to make a double batch; after church on Sunday, I only had to reheat them instead of cooking dinner.
  5. A new blog background.  Today I saw the warning that my background would be disappearing on August 1, unless I updated the code.  I decided to install a new background instead.  What do you think?
What have been your favorite parts of this week? Feel free to answer in the comments, or click through to visit Friday's Fave Five at Susanne's blog.


  1. I love your new background! It is so pretty and uplifting. Great choice! Mmmmm - tomatoes - just love 'em. Enjoy!

  2. Love the new design. So fresh and I love the colors.

    I'm sorry that the depression is rearing it's ugly head but I was happy to hear that you are finding ways to help keep it under control and having that friend right there to pray for you is truly a great blessing!

    What a blessing to have your hubby tell you to go shop! I live for those words to come from mine! LOL.

  3. New clothes always make us feel better, don't they? Here in San Francisco I wear black all year round and I get tired of it.

    Garden vegies sound wonderful

  4. It's good to have something against depression and having a friend to pray with. They're such blessings. I love your new background, my kind of look. Have a great week ahead.

  5. I struggle with depression too. I am glad God gave you volunteering and a prayer with a friend to help keep it at bay.

    I bet the new blouses help too!!

  6. disappear?? What? Well I do like your background but I never heard of such a thing! The background is cute :). I love it. And glad to hear you are dealing. So hard somedays, but you know I understand. Today I had a blah day...but the weather wasn't really helping. So maybe tomorrow I'll be better.

  7. I like the brown eyed susans on your background!

    I'm glad that serving others can help you with depression. It is not always easy to get outside of those feelings enough to be with others, so good for you! A friend who will pray with you right there, right now is a blessing, indeed!

  8. yeah on the new tops!! I do the same I hate buying this size so I just avoid, but I do love a sale so that would get me to pick up some new ones :).

    Oh yes the backgrounds everyone that uses that one site was going to have to add a new code. Love the new look :)

    I'm so glad to hear the volunteering helped along with the friend to help pray really is helpful!

  9. VBS is good for everybody! Glad to hear you made some new friends there, too. They're a blessing, aren't they? Have a great weekend.

  10. sorry to hear that the depression is trying to surface again...
    let me know if there is anything i can do!
    glad you got some new tops...
    I bet you look great in them reading your books!
    hope you have a wonderful birthmonth! :)

  11. Seems to have been a nice week for you, and like the new background ! Sunflowers are my favorite flower !

  12. Thanks for your honesty, Melissa! I am glad that you received some new clothes and that you were a part of VBS!


  13. It's so much fun to fine cute tops at clearance prices. The clearance at Kohl's is fun to shop.

  14. Fantastic you have two tomatoes, mine are not even there yet.

    New clothes can always help... I'll stop there

    Your new background goes with cooking and baking and I'll imagine the rest.

    I add an extra prayer for strength for you, smile as much as you can and if serving the goldfish stops working start to eat them.

  15. I'm so you're feeling stressed and sad. The wonderful things we focus on each week do help though. Yummy foods from the garden always cheer me up!

  16. So sorry to hear about depression rearing its ugly head. :( Praying for you..

  17. Great week with VBS, praying with a friend, garden tomatoes (YUM) and new clothes. All things to make you smile. Keep your chin up and hope the next week brings just as many precious gifts.

  18. I like the new background. I thought that I just hadn't noticed it before. LOL... Congrats on the blouses; that's always fun and clearance makes it even better.


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