Thursday, July 8, 2010

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies - Cookie Stamps

Early this spring, while we were on a day trip, my family browsed through a gift shop that had some fun items.  I saw a basket full of cookie stamps and I was intrigued.  They were about $8 each, though, so I was trying to pick out the most versatile design.  Before I decided, my husband came over and gently discouraged me from buying one.

On Mother's Day, he surprised me with not one, but a whole set of cookie stamps.  Not the red-clay type that I'd seen in the gift shop, but glass--which, as it turns out, is much easier to clean.  He'd found them on eBay for way less than we would have spent in the gift shop, too.

cookie stamp

These would typically be used for shortbread cookies, but I was looking for something different.  It's been too hot to bake--it still is!--but I saw an opportunity when Alea posted this recipe for 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies.

As a quick aside, how many jars of peanut butter does your family open at one time?  I found three open jars, and even after I'd scraped them all out, I still had to open a new jar to get one cup of peanut butter.

empty peanut butter jars

In any case, I mixed up the cookie dough. I rolled the dough into balls instead of dropping it onto the pan. Once they were lined up on the cookie sheet, I flattened them with the stamp. The first one was sticky, but after the stamp picked up a bit of moisture from the dough, I was able to dip it in granulated sugar to prevent sticking.

stamped cookie

I baked these for ten or eleven minutes, a little less than the recipe calls for. They retained some of the stamped design, but I imagine other types of cookie dough might keep the pattern even better.

baked cookies

The cookies are dense and crumbly, not quite like traditional peanut butter cookies, but delicious and very easy to make!  I'll definitely use this recipe again, and I love these cookie stamps!

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  1. Your pb cookies look great! Thanks for sharing the tip on dipping the stamp in sugar; what a tasty way to reduce sticking.

    I often have several pb jars open. My kids get to the bottom of one, know better than to toss it, but are too hungry to take the time to get a spatula and scrape out the last bits. It is easier to open a new jar and leave the task to me. :)

  2. Oh YUMMO. I love peanut butter cookies and the stamps are adorable. I added a giveaway from Spanx so make sure to come back over and enter!!

  3. Mmmm... yummy! How sweet of him to find some even better and surprise you. Fab! I haven't made peanut butter cookies in forever.

  4. I've never heard of cookie stamps and now I want some--how fun!!!

  5. My dear you really do have the best husb! Those are so cool!!!

    Ok need recipe :)

  6. LOVE the look of these! Perfect for a BDay party! Hmmm..have to go hunt ebay now- BYE!

  7. YES I'm a dork I see the link for the cookies now .. ugh

  8. those look yummy!
    i want cookies now!
    lol, i feel like cookie monster

  9. How sweet is your guy?! I'm truly curious about your cookie stamps and will have to investigate these further. I saw Alea's recipe posted but without pictures. I like to see how the recipe turns out. Thanks for sharing!


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