Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dishing It! ~ Summer Reading List

Dishing ItIt's time again for Dishing It! with Amanda from Serenity Now. The topic this month is Your Summer Reading List.  When I looked at the stack of books that I've read recently or plan to read soon, I realized that it's time to find places for some of these books--and to start reading faster.

The books are nearly all non-fiction, which is an accurate reflection of what I read.  When I was young, I used to read constantly.  I would read a lot of fiction, but I'd read anything from comics to cereal boxes.  Now, I'll occasionally read a novel, but for the most part, I read to learn.  I didn't include the Bible in my stack of books, only because we keep it in a different place.

book stacks
The top photo shows some of the books I've read recently. These are waiting to find new homes--either on our bookshelves or on someone else's.

In the second photo is the stack of books that I'm either reading now or planning to read soon. Most of them are for review, so you'll hear about them after I read them.

Finally, the last photo shows two books that I picked up when our church library was clearing out the shelves.  I haven't read them yet.

Amanda also posed a question about the magazines we read.  If you remember my magazine mess, you'll have a pretty good idea.  I haven't renewed all of those subscriptions, because it's time-consuming enough to keep up with my current subscriptions:  Everyday Food, Prevention, and The Old Schoolhouse.

What are you reading?  To see all of the questions, to see other bloggers' responses, or to link up your own post, click through to Serenity Now.



  1. Wow, you read alot! That's great. I'm reading mostly blogs and children's books these days as you will see in my post. I need to read more for me. I've got a great list now thanks to this link up!

  2. Hi I am visiting from iFellowship. I hope you have a great day!

    Honoring The King
    Honoring The King Minstries

  3. lol, your stack looks just like mine!
    (Barnes and Noble is having a HUGE ONLINE SALE, if you need an excuse to look and buy a few... I already purchased a couple for Christmas gifts! and you will be happy to know, I got a cookbook for me! Ha ha!)
    You know what I am starting to do?
    Some of my books that I review, I am turning around and doing a giveaway on here... I know it ends up with me spending my money, but it is nice to share and I get the book free to start... Just a read it forward kinda thing!
    I might need to go read now! :)

  4. I wish I had time to read this summer. Have a lot to catch up on.

  5. That's a lot of books! I hear you on the magazines... I signed up for all the $5 magazine subscriptions over Christmas and don't think I'll do that again... WAY too hard to keep up with them! (But I'll keep Better Homes and Garden, maybe Country Home or Southern Living) :) Have fun reading and have a GREAT iFellowship Day!

  6. Thanks for joining iFellowship.We love having you link up with us. I hope your day is blessed.


  7. Wow...those all look like great reads! I love my books, too! :)

  8. Hello! Popping in from iFellowship at Seeds of Faith Women! Hope you find time to stop by Homemaker Honey and say, "G'Day!"

    Enjoy this day the Lord had made!
    Homemaker Honey

  9. Hey, Melissa. :) Your stack resembles my trunk of books to-read. :s I've heard of "You're Not the Boss of Me." Sounds like an interesting read! Good luck getting through your list. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  10. Love your stack of books...enjoy them!
    I see some titles that look appealing. I'll have to check out some of these.
    Thanks for sharing...I'm stopping by from Amanda's party.

  11. You do have a lot of books...but that is okay..I say most of us have a huge stach of books we have read. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I prefer to read novels right now because my brain just has not been able to click into too much "serious" stuff, but I have a lot of non-fiction waiting to be reviewed and I'm currently reading The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash, which I won from 5 Minutes for Books.

    Your stacks look like mine. Every time I finish one I always stand in front of one bookcase or another looking for the perfect spot. I like them to look neat. :-)

  13. I just started the first book in Francine Rivers new two part series.

    I go through spells - at one time I was like you and read non-fiction almost exclusively - I am into the classics now.

  14. I am so impressed that you read to learn! I read so many tech notes at work that when I find the time to read I better not have to process it! I did see a couple of interesting books in your stack that I might have to check out!

  15. That is a pretty "heavy" reading list. You must be hungry for information & learning right now. I think this summer my reading list is lighter and beach friendly.

  16. Hehe your book stacks look like mine :). Rick is going crazy with them everywhere. Need to sale some soon, running out of room.

  17. I got a lot of Jeannette Oke books from some ladies at church who were giving them away. I was too late to link up to the "Dishing It" party but wrote my post anyway. Here is the link to it:


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