Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bloggy Break (Sort of)

I think another semi-break from blogging is in order.

This week is our Vacation Bible School, which will undoubtedly keep us very busy!
source: Flickr user FirstBaptistNashville
I've got blog posts scheduled, and I'll check in for email and comments, but I won't be online as much as usual.  For the first week in August, as sort of a celebration for my birthday week, I'm starting two new giveaways.  Maybe there will be some cake, too, if I have time to get that together.

I'll be back soon.  Have fun and try not to wreck the place. ;)


  1. Happy early birthday! Enjoy the break :)

  2. yeah Cole starts today soon, he was so excited he got up 2 hours early. I finally got him to lay back down for a while ... lol :)

    Happy Early Birthday!

  3. have fun at VBS!!!!
    and have a great birthday week...
    I know you will have cake...
    I can not wait to know what kind.. how you made it and all that good stuff!!!!


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