Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tall Kids

Not long ago, I wrote that my 12-year-old son is now taller than I am.  Then yesterday, we saw a friend who exclaimed, "He's taller than you!"  She went on to ask Mooseman how old he is, then tell him, "You're going to be tall, like your dad!"

Clearly--since I'm 5'3" when I stand up as straight as I possibly can--I know nothing about being tall.  So it still surprises me when I see my son stretched out on the sofa or on his bed.  When did he grow so much?  I mean, my sister and I were in twin beds until we were adults, and now here's my 12-year-old already kicking the footboard!  Thank God that he's healthy and strong, but I'm starting to think that we're going to have to start shoe-shopping where the pro basketball players shop!

This is a Photobucket image, not anything in our house!


  1. Hehe I hear you! Cole is in the 90% and he's only 6 y/o and is almost to my shoulder! It's nuts how tall this guy is.

    I hear you with the shoes too, ugh! Rick has size 13 I can only imagine what Cole will be.

  2. :-) Does he get tired of people saying he's tall and asking how old he is? My oldest daughter is about your height so I never had that moment with her of "Hey, when did you get so tall." I, on the other hand, remember that when I was 14 my mom and I were the same height. It was really weird to turn my head to say something to her while we were standing at the kitchen sink and be able to look directly into her eyes. I was amazed.

    Love your FFF. Glad you had quiet time and time with the ladies... and, no, you definitely don't walk along.


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