Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes, and Garlic (Recipe)

It seems like forever since I've posted a recipe other than dessert! I haven't posted our menu plans, because we've been having the same-old dinners. Last week, though, I needed to come up with a dinner that would meet two requirements: stretch a small amount of chicken to feed my family, and use up a pint of grape tomatoes.

This is really just a variation of Pasta with Broccoli, but this version feels like summer, for some reason.  As always with my recipes, take this as a guideline and adjust the quantities to fit your own needs and preferences.

Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes, and Garlic
Boneless chicken (3/4 pound, cut into bite-size pieces)
Grape tomatoes (1 pint, cut in half)
Pasta (1 pound)
Fresh garlic (about six cloves, chopped)
Olive oil (I used EVOO, about 1/4 cup)
Basil (dried, about 1 tsp.)
Black pepper to taste
Parmesan cheese (optional, as garnish)
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions; drain.
  2. Cook chicken in large skillet until no longer pink.  Push it to the edge of the pan.
  3. To the center of the pan, add olive oil and garlic.  Cook and stir until the garlic just starts to get tender; you don't want it to brown.  Stir into the chicken.
  4. Add tomatoes, basil, and pepper.  Cook and stir for a few minutes; the tomatoes should be warm but not really cooked.  Toss with pasta and serve. (I think it's more traditional without the cheese, but I prefer it with cheese.)

pasta with chicken and tomato

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  1. I am making this as soon as the tomatoes in my garden get ripe . . . maybe sooner!

  2. Hi Melissa :-)
    I read the comment you had left at 'Premeditated Desserts' and thought I'd stop by and let you know that we are currently doing a series on Warm Weather Desserts.
    Just offering you more options ;-)

    I agree with your decision to add cheese to your pasta dish. Cheese and Pasta just go together!

  3. what a great idea and creative at the last minute too! Thanks for the inspiration...will try this sometime next week for dinner!

  4. Sounds yummy! I can't resist adding cheese to something like that. You know that would also be good with some sauteed spinach in it. :-)

  5. Looks great, I know I'm silly I eat tomatoes in sauces but when they are just in their normal form yup I can't do it ... lol

  6. Looks good but anything that involves pasta is a winner with me :)

  7. looks and sounds SO good!! I'm starving now lol

    thanks for sharing!

  8. The fam loves pasta. No wrong there. Thanks so much for linkin up to my tasty tuesdays!!

  9. Hi, pasta junkie here. And it's ALWAYS better with garlic. :) Looks very tasty. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  10. Love it! Thanks for sharing! Visiting you from Tasty Tuesdays

  11. Fabulous photo Melissa. Pasta looks wonderful!

  12. sounds / looks yummy and easy... was just thinking that i needed to see where you get your recipes..
    i have marcs boys here for the summer...
    so, now I am trying to feed 3 boys, a man, a one year old and myself... LOL.. and we all love to eat!!!! this is KILLING our pockets!


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