Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow? (June 30)

Look how much they've grown since I last posted pictures!
tomato and pepper plants

The pepper plants (first photo) have grown, but I didn't see many flowers or any fruits. The tomato plants, though, are each bearing a couple of tomatoes, maybe two inches in diameter.

The cucumber plants must not have read the tag that says they're supposed to grow as bushes instead of sprawling out all over!
cuke plant

Even though I've encouraged the plant to grow upward--and some of its tendrils are wrapped around the tomato cage--this one attached to what's left of a tomato plant from last summer:
cucumber growth

This probably could have stayed on the plant for a few more days, but I picked it because it was lying on the ground.
first cucumber

Here for the flowers? These are from the front garden. Marigolds and zinnia:
marigold and zinnia

Another zinnia and black-eyed Susan:
pink zinnia and black-eyed Susan

I also have a quick but sad update on the Hoppy family. Last night we noticed one of the biggest rabbits in our yard, closer to the house than we've ever seen any of them. Tonight DH was watering the grass, and--right around the same spot--he came across a pile of dry grass and fur. He picked it up with a shovel and found four baby bunnies, at least three of which were still alive. We didn't know what to do with them, so he returned them to the yard where we think the rabbits live.

What would you have done?


  1. Your garden looks like it is doing beautifully. My tomatoes are starting to grown and we finally got some rain so I am hoping that things around here will start to really flourish. If you husband removed them from the nest, it would have been best to just leave them where they were. The grass and fur was the bunny nest.

  2. I so behind this year I hope to get something in the garden soon. Just not my summer ;(

  3. Your garden is beautiful :) ours is doing great, I still didn't get to post pictures :)

  4. I'm so jealous! Your garden is lovely and I wish I could have one again. With Dad coming and Red now leaving it's a good thing I didn't commit to a garden it's so much work especially here in Florida. Much different than up there. AS for the bunnies, you did the right thing returning them. Hopefully momma will seek them out and take care of them.

  5. Looks great. Your photo makes me think I should add some weed control to my square foot garden. What is the black under your plants?

    I'll be posting photo this week. Did an interesting experiment with and without fertilizer-- amazing result.

  6. @Robin, we cover the soil with black plastic to keep the weeds down. We've used landscape fabric, but it either tears too easily or doesn't block the weeds. Finally we tried plastic, which we buy in rolls from the building supplies section of the home improvement store. I'm not sure whether this would work in a very hot climate (would the roots get too hot?), but we're happy with it.

  7. aww, so sad to hear of the bunnies...
    love the pic of the zinnia ( i guessed as to which one, the last on the row? )
    and I about fell out laughing that the cucumber plant did not read the tag!


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