Friday, June 25, 2010

Garage Sales: Everything You Need to Know

Do you shop garage sales?  We usually don't, because our Saturdays are family time, and we're always busy.  When our neighbors were moving, they had a yard sale to sell off what they didn't need for their new home.  We found a few bargains--a soccer ball and an electronic dart board--but typically, we don't stop for yard sales.

That said, I can appreciate the fun of browsing through sale items in hopes of finding something useful for a great price.  Years ago, I purchased a pretty--but slightly cracked--cake plate at a yard sale.  It was great for taking cakes to parties or events, because I didn't really care if I got it back or not.

If you frequent garage sales--or if, like me, you could use some advice--check out these two new articles from
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  1. I think I will have to check out the second link because I am not a garage sale shopper even though I would love to be. It seems I never find anything and when I do, they always say "someone already bought that and they are coming back to pick it up". lol

  2. Good things to look up. I love them but I don't get out to do them that often. Something always comes up! ugh.

    I do the craigslist thing to find things :)

  3. Good links! It's hard to yard sale with two little ones in tow, but sometimes I try. ;)

  4. lol, i tried to have a garage sale..
    but i wanted actual money for my items...
    and there were some things i would NOT budge on


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