Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: June 4

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I'm going all the way back to last Friday for this edition of Friday's Fave Five, not because there's a shortage of items to list, but because I don't want to miss the chance to share a few special blessings!

  1. A family member has been apprehensive about an upcoming medical procedure.  When we accompanied her to a doctor visit, we met another patient who recently had the same procedure.  He reassured her that it's painless and there's no reason to worry.  What a Godsend he was!
  2. On Sunday, someone in my church family came over to thank me for being open about my depression in my Authenticity post.  It sparked a conversation that we never would have had otherwise, and I was so blessed.
  3. My husband was able to take a five-day weekend over Memorial Day.  On one of those days, we declared the house a computer-free zone.  We played board games and did other fun family activities.
  4. Our garden is in!  This is a relief, mostly, but it was a good family time, too.  It was too warm to work comfortably, but we all worked hard to get the job finished.  As an added blessing, we have had enough rain that I haven't had to water the plants all week!
  5. I'll finish with a frivolous one.  I've been looking at this Big Top Cupcake Pan; it looks like fun, but I wasn't willing to spend $20 on it.  (Actually, if I was going to spend that much, I would get the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan instead.)  But this week I happened upon the Big Top Cupcake Pan on clearance and I couldn't pass it up!
    Big Top Cupcake Pan
    Since I purchased it, I've seen mixed reviews, but I'm eager to give it a try.
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  1. Now that was a great deal on that pan! What a blessing.

    I love when someone comes along that has gone through something we are facing and can reassure us. So glad that happened for your family member.

    Getting your garden in must feel like a great accomplishment.

  2. Hmm... I've never seen that giant cupcake pan before ... Let us know how it works out!

    I love long weekends - glad your family got to enjoy family fun. Having a computer free day is probably a good idea!

    It's wonderful when God lets us encourage someone who is going through what we have been through. You feel as if your struggles were not in vain ...

  3. What a fun idea to have a computer/tv free weekend. How nice that your husband got a 5 day weekend!

  4. That pan sounds so fun....can't go wrong with that price!
    Wow what a godsend about finding the right person when your family member went for the medical procedure. God is so faithful. :)

  5. I'll be curious to see how you like the Big Top Cupcake pan. I have my own way of getting the same type of thing. I just buy a bakery cake and cut off the top layer and eat that. It's horrible for the diet but it sure tastes good.

  6. Nice that you got your cupcake tin on clearance, I love it when things like that happen! And nice that your hubby had a five day weekend, how nice to have all of that time together.

  7. You are right...these blessings are too good not to share - even if they are from last week.

    GFY to get your garden in! I haven't even thought about mine - but we're only barely past our average last day of frost so I'm not too, too worried - yet. Next week, for sure - unless it rains all week.

  8. Let us know how that pan works out for you! Looks like fun.

    I love your five day weekend as a computer free zone. Must have been close, relaxing fun.

    Happy weekend.

  9. I love it when you find something you want so much and make a good deal out of it!
    I hope your weekend is as nice as the previous one!


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