Friday, June 4, 2010

Fitness Friday: KettleWorx, Week 2

Last Friday I wrote that I'd decided to repeat the Week 1 KettleWorx workouts, because I felt as though I wasn't able to keep up well enough to move on.  Because I started the program on a Friday, this week I did Core (Week 1), Cardio (Week 2), and Resistance (Week 2).

Here are my observations and results from this week:
  • Last week, the day after I did the Core workout, I was quite sore through my abs and obliques.  This week, after the same workout, I had virtually no soreness the next day.  Seems like an improvement to me!
  • The Week 2 Cardio workout is definitely more challenging than Week 1 ... in a good way!  The Cardio workout is still the toughest for me, but I know it probably also provides the most benefit for me.
  • I've lost the three pounds that I gained last week!  I'm not following the healthy-eating program that KettleWorx includes, but I'm trying to stay away from junk food.  I didn't do very well with that over the weekend, but I'm doing better now.
  • I'm noticing better tone in my muscles, overall, and I think I'm losing body fat, especially the "love handles."
  • I definitely feel stronger, and I'm starting to see muscle definition, especially in my thighs.  I'd been riding the bike a lot, so to see any visible change in just a couple of weeks with KettleWorx is remarkable to me.
So far, I am very happy with the KettleWorx program. But is it frugal? I think so: For less than $100 (plus shipping), you can get the Ultra kit with either a 5-pound or a 10-pound Kettlebell. The kit includes 10 DVDs and an e-book with a healthy-eating plan. Is this not way cheaper than a gym membership?

You can purchase the kit directly from KettleWorx (right now there is a coupon code at the top of their website) or through  (That's my Amazon affiliate link but, quite frankly, it's probably less expensive to order directly from KettleWorx.)

This video, which is provided by KettleWorx, shows some of the advantages of the KettleWorx program. Even if you only watch the first two minutes or so, it'll give you an idea of how the system works.  (For more videos, see the KettleWorx channel on YouTube.)

Disclosure: I received this product, at no cost to me, for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and your experience may vary. Before using this product, read the manufacturer's safety information and consult with your physician.


  1. Oh wow my dear yeah on the 3 lbs!!! I'm so adding this to my wish list! Thanks girlie

  2. keep it up!!!!
    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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