Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dishing It -- All About Dads

Dishing ItThis month Amanda chose Dads as the topic for her Dishing It! blog party.  Since she gave us a number of different twists on that topic ... and because if you've been here for more than a minute or two, you know that my husband rocks ... I'm going to take her suggestion to blog about what makes my husband a great dad.

Let's start at the beginning:  He came to every prenatal appointment with me.  He was there to see the first ultrasound and to lift me up when the technician said that my baby (at about six weeks) was "really nothing, just a blob."  He was there when we first heard the baby's heartbeats.  When it was time for the 20-week ultrasound, he found a radiology center that videotaped the procedure.  On the way to the appointment, we stopped at Burger King and he bought me the biggest chocolate shake on the menu.  No wonder Mooseman was turning somersaults and waving!

When I went into preterm labor while we were out of town, DH drove us back from Maryland and directly to the doctor's office.  We spent the rest of the day in the hospital, and the doctor wanted me to stay overnight.  Knowing that I didn't want to, DH took me to the nearest 24-hour CVS (about 20 miles out of the way) to get the medication in the middle of the night.  I was on bedrest for the following six weeks or so, and DH took care of everything:  shopping, cooking, cleaning, everything.

The labor and delivery story is too long to include here.  But when Mooseman was born, DH used up all of his vacation days to stay in the hospital with me.  He changed all of the diapers because I was too sedated to do it (again, part of the L&D story) and he dealt with all of the doctors except for my regular OB.

father and son

But that's just the beginning of the story.  Over the last 12+ years, he's been everything a dad should be:
  • Fun Dad:  plays endlessly, whether it's Hi Ho Cherry-O, catch, Monopoly, or table tennis
  • Teaching Dad:  teaches bike riding, long division, mini golf, and other important skills
  • Wise Dad:  gives sound advice on many topics, from faith to friendship
  • Compassionate Dad:  kisses boo-boos, gives hugs, and wipes tears
  • Dependable Dad:  provides for and takes care of the family
So there you have it.  Being a great dad is just one way that my husband rocks!

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  1. Awww... sounds like you've got a keeper!

  2. He sounds like a wonderful guy, Melissa. :) I LOVE that he went to all of your prenatal appointments. T only went to the 20 week ultrasound with both of our girls. :s Taking all that time off work is a major brownie point score in my book. :)

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  3. I love this what an awesome man and dad you have there :).

  4. So sweet, especially the massive chocolate shake!
    Stopping by from the Dishing It party!

  5. What an amazing guy! My husband went to the majority of my appointments with me, I loved having him their, so special!

  6. He sounds like a great husband and father =)

  7. What.a.guy!! Not too many gems like him around; you are very blessed!


  8. Now thats a dad if he will sit and play Hi Ho Cherri O! He sounds like a keeper!

    Stop on over, I'm dishing it with Amanda too!

  9. How Wonderful!!! Simply awesome.

  10. Wow, that is the most wonderful post. Your husband is lucky to have a wife who adores him so and it sounds like you're lucky as well. Oops, should have said blessed, huh? :-D Beautiful Dad's day tribute. That one needs to be printed out and framed.

  11. How sweet of you to brag about hubby here - sounds like it is well deserved! Happy Dishing It!

  12. aww, what a sweet post!
    i hope your hubby reads it!

  13. You've got a great guy there! Just linked up to the party myself-


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