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Monday, June 21, 2010

Cost Benefits of Freshly Brewed Tea

iced tea
I remember my mom brewing iced tea, probably every day during the summer, for all the years I was growing up.  And while I still like it, I've probably made my own about five times, ever.  It's easier, I guess, to drink bottled iced tea.

I didn't know (did you?) that June is National Iced Tea Month.  In celebration of that, Salada Tea is encouraging people to “unbottle” their tea with freshly brewed iced tea made with tea bags.  This is not only healthier (because you control the amount of sugar that goes into the tea), but it's more frugal.  Here are the facts:

Freshly brewing this popular summer beverage can help you save money without sacrificing convenience. After brewing the tea, pour it into a reusable water bottle with ice for a delicious, all-natural beverage on the go. Freshly brewed tea costs much less than bottled tea:
  • The average bottled tea can cost $1.60 or more while an equal sized serving of Salada’s 100% Green Tea costs only $0.36
  • A consumer who purchases three bottles of iced tea per week at $1.60 per bottle will spend more than $230 over the course of one year. By replacing those bottles with freshly brewed Salada tea, a consumer will spend approximately $26 for the same amount of tea – a savings of more than $200
I'm all for saving money, especially when it's a healthier choice!  So, for people like me who don't make iced tea and need a recipe, Salada has produced a short video tutorial:

Easy, right? How funny is it that I'll try any new cooking or baking recipe, but I haven't made iced tea? Do you?

By the way, if you don't care for the taste of traditional green tea, you might be interested in some new varieties like Salada’s Pomegranate Berry Green Tea and Soothing Mint Green Tea.

Disclosure: All product information was provided by Salada. I have received no compensation in any form for sharing this with you.


  1. Freshly brewed tea always taste better.
    Love your blog. Just discovered and now I am a follower.
    Please stop by and visit The Recycled Dove.

  2. Yummy love fresh brewed tea I need to start doing more of it. Mom use to do sun tea all the time in the summer.

  3. Didn't watch the video, and I haven't heard of that brand. However, we make our own iced tea all the time! My husband will select 4 tea bags, usually Celestial Seasonings, and usually different flavors, and brews up one gallon of tea with the four bags. He's really good at picking mixes that taste fantastic! Oh, and he does add sugar as well to our iced tea.

  4. I always make my own fresh brewed tea unless we are vacationing and then I buy it in a gallon jug.


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