Friday, June 25, 2010

As the end of the week gets here, I feel like letting out a deep breath!  I've been busy reading and writing book reviews; I like the process, but I get overwhelmed when my to-do list gets long.  I miss writing personal posts, so I wanted to write a sort of wrap-up of the week.


Yesterday I had the perfect plan to have dinner ready when DH came home.  I started the slow cooker to cook beans, then later added the rest of the ingredients for chili.  Unfortunately, when I did that, I turned off the slow cooker and forgot to turn it back on. As a result, when DH came home, we had no dinner.  He was completely understanding and incredibly thoughtful.  He suggested that we go out to eat and save the chili for today.  I'm so blessed to have a husband who loves me even when I do absentminded things like this!

I'm still loving the KettleWorx program!  Earlier in the week, when I was feeling wiped out, I wasn't up for the Cardio workout that I'd planned.  Instead, I did one of the Fast Fat Burn workouts.  It's only ten minutes (plus warm up and cool down), but it's intense.  This week I also did Resistance and Core (both for week 4).  I'm seeing results--for example, shorts that were tight last summer are comfortable now--but no weight loss.  I've also learned that working out first thing in the morning, after not eating for 15 hours, is a Very Bad Idea.

Mooseman asked me to tell you about the website he has been building.  He calls it Mooseman!!!, and he's been posting links to some of his favorite games.  He also started a blog to share track designs for Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Maybe next week I'll get outside to take some pictures of the garden.  A few days ago I noticed that we have the beginnings of cucumbers, as well as flowers on the tomato plants.  I hope Hoppy stays away.  He was getting bold until DH had a little talk with him.  There was no chasing or frightening involved: when DH got within 20 feet of the rabbit, Hoppy took off. We found out the size of the opening that the rabbit needs to get through the fence, though:
chain link fence

We have a fairly busy weekend ahead and I need a rest!  I'm planning to take a couple of days off from blogging. I have posts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but I probably won't be checking in as often as I usually do. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

image credits:  Photobucket users Jehovah_jarah and bobbooth


  1. Hey sweetie I'm so glad you did the work outs and they helped! You're husb sounds so nice and understanding!

    You get some rest before the weekend! Can't wait to see the pictures of the garden :).

  2. What a blessing to have an understanding husband!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I did the same this last week went the power went off. We always loose power during storms down here and I forgot to turn the oven back on. Of course it was I night where I was pressed for time, so everything was late! I hate it when I do that :( BTW- moosmans blog is so cool!

  4. Please get some rest and enjoy your weekend.

  5. Whew! I did a chuckle awwhhhh at the forgetting to turn the cooker back on. Sounds like something I would do and thank goodness you have a thoughtful, understanding hubby. So, how was the chili? :-)

    Can't wait to hear about the garden and books, and don't stress yourself out about getting everything done. One day at a time is sometimes the best way to go. "See you" on Monday.

  6. I've been known to load up the slow cooker, turn it on and go about my business. Realizing later, (much later) I forgot to plug it in in the first place.

  7. Hmmm...I considered buying the Kettlworx with my CSN gift card but decided the badly needed new teapot and the replacement for the pepper mill my daughter broke were a better deal...but when winter comes and I can't go out to run...


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