Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You're Not the Boss of Me (Book Review)

"Save me! My child is acting like a brat!"

What parent hasn't thought her child was a brat at one point or another? Whether your child really is a brat, is at risk of becoming one, or is simply trying to grow up in a world filled with temptations and distractions, you'll love this book! It's the ultimate hands-on guide to cultivating character traits that are tried-and-true "bratbusters." Full of no-nonsense, practical "Tips and Scripts," You're Not the Boss of Me offers just the help you need to deal with many of the more challenging behaviors typical of four- to twelve-year-olds. With Betsy Brown Braun's humorous, supportive, and authoritative voice as a guide, navigating some of the most exasperating aspects of these formative years with confidence and laying the groundwork for your child's future just got a whole lot easier!

It's All Here—What to Say and Do to Help Your Child:  
  • Get Over the Gimmes
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Self-Reliant
  • Develop Empathy
  • Show Gratitude
  • Be Respectful
  • Take Responsibility
  • Be Independent
  • Exercise Humor
  • and Not Be Spoiled!
With this book, Betsy Brown Braun--author of the bestselling book Just Tell Me What To Say and guest expert for many television programs and publications--comes to the rescue of parents who want to raise children who are respectful, responsible, and grateful.

The ten chapters of You're Not the Boss of Me correspond to the list of bullet points above.  Each chapter is full of "Tips and Scripts," which are detailed, practical strategies for parents.  For example, in the chapter on responsibility, the first few Tips are Always keep your promises, Stick to your own commitments and insist that your child do the same, and Teach your child about obligations.  Each of those is expanded upon, and those are just the first three of about 25 tips in that section.  Recognizing that not every strategy will work for every family and every situation, the author includes numerous options to choose from.

I wasn't sure if I would like this book.  When I first saw the cover and the word "brat," my skepticism grew.  I generally read parenting books that are based on Christian principles, and I've come across quite a few parenting books that just didn't make sense.  However, I found that You're Not the Boss of Me offers sound, no-nonsense advice to parents who want to raise kids with good character.  This book is a solid resource to have on hand.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book at no cost to me for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  The Amazon link that immediately precedes this disclosure is an affiliate link.


  1. How do you get books? I signed up for book sneeze and i do another one through Dorring Publishing, although I might drop them. I have so many parenting books here its crazy. I don't think I could manage to read another one..LOL. Everyone has a different theory. I get confused easily.

  2. I agree some are just out there and most of the time just make me roll my eyes. Sounds interesting I'll have to take a look at it. I've found you take a little hear and a little from there :)


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