Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting, Hoping, Trusting

I've been listening to this message online, and it's so good that I can't wait to share it with you!

Here are a couple of points that stood out for me. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but the wording is pretty close to the original.
  1. We don't like to wait. ... Waiting drives us crazy because it reminds us that we're powerless. ... It reminds you that there is a God--and it's not you.
  2. God will allow suffering in order to detach your hope from other things and attach it to Himself.
The timing of this is perfect.  Not only because I just reviewed Plan B (written by the pastor who's speaking in this message), but because earlier this afternoon I wrote and scheduled a blog post about sustaining hope through trials.  Isn't it neat when things fit together like that?


  1. God is awesome. His timing is perfect. We so often miss the blessing of the trial because we want to know why or because we think we know best.

    I think it's totally His will/plan/idea (or whatever you want to call it) that you've been listening to this message "for such a time as this."

  2. This woman's story really touched my heart.
    We all have our trials- some harder than others, and the waiting really stinks sometimes- but I finally understand now, WHY we have to wait- we wait, to learn to trust.
    It shut my complaining mouth, LOL!
    Thank you for sharing this- it changed my perspective. Truly.


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