Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sleep, It Does a Family Good (Book Review)

Several weeks ago I blogged about getting the chance to review this book through the Tyndale Blog Network.  As I mentioned then, sleep deprivation has been a real problem for me, and I was eager to read Sleep, It Does a Family Good (Dr. Archibald D. Hart).

I was not disappointed.  This is a very practical, no-nonsense book that will probably answer more questions about sleep than you ever realized you had!

Sleep, It Does a Family Good is divided into three main sections:
  • Part 1--Understanding Your Family's Need for Sleep--relates some of the reasons we need sleep, the importance of dream sleep, and the consequences of sleep deprivation. 
  • Part 2--Determining Your Family's Sleep Problems--is written to help you assess how well your family is sleeping and to identify specific problems. 
  • Finally, Part 3--Overcoming Your Family's Sleep Deprivation--contains detailed, practical strategies to help you solve your family's sleep problems.  Part 3, by the way, is approximately as long as the first two parts combined.
I've done a fair amount of reading about sleep deprivation and solving sleep problems, but I still learned a lot from this book.  I appreciate that Dr. Hart conveys research findings in a way that's accessible to readers.  I also appreciate that nearly all of the solutions he offers are natural, realistic, and affordable to try.  After I take some notes from this book, I'm going to pass it along to a sleep-deprived friend!

Learn more about Sleep, It Does a Family Good by clicking through the book title in this sentence, or read an excerpt.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book, at no cost to me, from Tyndale House Publishers. All opinions here are my own. links are affiliate links.


  1. OHHHHH! I don't think it is a coincidence I visit today and the post is a book about sleep! I slept crappy last night! Though I have a feeling my number one problem is my weight:(

    Hope you are doing well, Melissa!

  2. Very interesting!! I am so strict with my girls bedtimes and naptime/quiet time. I guess I should be strict with myself too, huh?

  3. No truer statement has been spoken! What a wonderful book, thanks for the new book to read :).

    I agree with Vickie my #1 problem would be my weight also :(

  4. I wish I was a better sleeper, I finally have all 3 boys sleeping through the night, now I just need to get myself to fall asleep easier!


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