Friday, May 7, 2010

Ridding the Garden of Raiding Rabbits

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So cute, right? I've talked about Hoppy, our neighborhood rabbit, and the destruction he's caused in our gardens. He eats tulips and other flowers, and, well, I think he thought that we planted lettuce one year just for his personal enjoyment.  Not so cute.

Unfortunately, I think Hoppy is just one of a whole rabbit family that lives in our neighborhood.  He may be the patriarch, but he's got a whole bunch of grandbunnies.  And, even though I get annoyed at the way they damage our plants, I couldn't even think of trying to kill them.

We've changed our planting habits:  I've given up on planting lettuce, and I'll avoid the flowers that the rabbits chewed up last year.

We've tried natural rabbit repellants like garlic or human hair.  I didn't keep up with repeating the garlic spray.  The hair clippings stayed in the garden like mulch.  I don't know if they deterred the rabbits, but I found out just how reddish my hair turns when it's exposed to too much sunlight!

What we haven't tried--yet--is relocation.  No, we're not moving:  I'm talking about using a live animal trap to catch the rabbit and then releasing him in a very nice, very far away, place.  Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

I've been reading the Critter Library and other Animal Trapping Tips, and I'm thinking that this just might work.  For rabbits we would probably need the Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap.  But I'm not sure:  Hoppy is one plump rabbit, and we might need a Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap.

What do you think about live animal traps as a way to control pests in your gardens?

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  1. We have a bagillion rabbits. In fact, this a.m. I saw the biggest jack rabbit I have ever seen, just sitting in our front yard. As for live traps - that is a hard one because we live in the country, so where do we take the animals once we have them trapped? To the city? LOL I just gave up on a garden because I would have to put a mesh fence around it in order to keep the rabbits and other varmits out and I don't like to garden that much :) My plants are all deer resistant which seems to also deter the rabbits.

  2. We have rabbit problems here too. I have learned what I can plant and can't plant. I'm not a huge veggie garden person anyway. I just like flowers...although in the future I might want to do some of that. I have never thought about relocating a rabbit though! Don't you have a zillion of know because they mate like rabbits?! LOL. Well I hope it works! I wouldn't dream of killing them either. I leave that to our falcon who leaves them dead in my yard. Yuck.

  3. good luck...
    squirrels or something is TOTALLY messing up my parents yard... holes everywhere... its ugly


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