Monday, May 3, 2010

Plan B by Pete Wilson (Book Review)

It happens to all of us:  at some point, we find ourselves facing some situation that wasn't in our plan.  It wasn't supposed to happen this way!  In Plan B, author Pete Wilson helps to answer the question:  What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you thought He would?

In an informal, engaging, and authentic voice, he reminds us of what we can hold on to and where we can find true hope.  I love this passage:  "Your dreams may not be happening, and things aren't turning out the way you expected, but that doesn't mean your life is spinning out of control.  It just means you're not in control.  It's in those moments you can learn to trust the only one who has ever had control in the first place."  But his message is not a simple "Trust God and everything will be just peachy."  Instead, he seeks to help the reader to move beyond the initial panic, to see God even when He seems to be absent, to find hope, to get real answers, and to grow spiritually.

In recent months I've read a number of books about getting through a crisis, and Plan B is, by far, my favorite.  The tone made me feel as though I was listening to a friend, and the message is on target.  Plan B doesn't offer easy answers--in fact, some of it is quite challenging--but it offers the right answers.

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Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book, at no cost to me, through the Thomas Nelson Publishing BookSneeze program.  All opinions in this review are my own, and affiliate links are clearly identified.


  1. I hear you I've been bouncing back to plan b a lot sadly plan b hasn't always helped me either ... lol. Sounds like a great book, I'll have to check it out :)

  2. Sounds like a really good book...
    Thanks, it just might be what I need to read right now...


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