Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off the Chart

height chart
Well, he's done it now.

Mooseman has outgrown this chart.  When I saw him this morning, he looked tall.  And then I noticed:  he's taller than me.  I measured him and, sure enough, he's almost up to the bottom edge of the red bar on this chart.

When he was little, we would measure his height every few weeks.  Every quarter-inch of growth is marked on the chart.  As he got older, we didn't measure him as often.  Now it's been several months since we checked his height, and he's grown nearly three inches in that time.

Obviously, I knew this day would come.  I'm not quite 5'3" and I fully expected that Mooseman would be taller than me.  Someday.  Not when he was 12.  Not even at 12-1/2.

It's funny, too, that I'm feeling kind of sentimental about it.  He's passed all sorts of milestones, but this is the first one that really made me realize that my "little boy" is growing up.

Have you ever had a moment like this, when you suddenly realized that your child is growing up more quickly than you could have imagined?


  1. Every day, Melissa, every day.

    With a Mom like you, I bet he's an amazing 12 year old.

    Now he can help you reach all the high up

  2. I remember when my oldest son passed me. I was lamenting how tall he was and he tried to comfort me with these words: "I may be taller than you, but don't worry Mom, you still weigh more than me". :-) Yeah, he still that diplomatic; I'm expecting him to be single for a long time.

  3. When I look over at my 9 year old and she is reading by herself and I think, I used to do that for her:(

  4. Oh Melissa, I can so relate. My baby is 22 now, tons of milestones behind us. Every time I look at him I can't imagine this day has arrived!

  5. We have the exact same chart! I was quite shocked when the boys started outgrowing the happens so fast!
    The moments that get me are when the boys help me do hefty chores that usually are assigned to their dad. (When They are helping Me instead of Me helping Them).

  6. That's sweet and bittersweet, huh? With my oldest who's 18, it didn't come with height 'cause she's about your height and I'm 5'7". It came the other day when I told her I got an automated call from her bank about XYZ. She said, 'Oh, I already called them.' Wow! I told her, 'You're so smart.' I've been bragging on how she's very independent and I don't have to worry about her registering for classes in time and that sort of thing. That just let me know that she's doing great and I can relax a little and be the mom of a young adult. SIGH... now as far as her three siblings go - HUGH SIGH - they're 2, 5 and 6.

  7. Oh, yes! In the past year my daughter has grown so much physically and spiritually. She is taller than me and has truly blossomed into quite a young lady.


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