Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Miscellany: Mother's Day Edition

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Mine was so full of blessings that I hardly know where to begin.

On Friday my husband stopped at the bakery and brought home a half-dozen almond horseshoe pastries, one of my favorites.  On Saturday, while he and Mooseman were running errands, they stopped to purchase a bunch of carnations ... my favorite flowers.  Later that day they took me to the restaurant of my choice.  My sweet husband said that I could even choose a restaurant for which we didn't have a coupon, but that just felt too weird. LOL  I was in the mood for something fun, so we went for BBQ ... with a coupon.  And the thoughtful Mother's Day gifts they gave me made me feel very loved.

While they were running errands on Saturday morning, I took advantage of the quiet house to start a new Bible study.  It took more than an hour to work through the first lesson of the Discussion Guide for The Practice of Godliness, but it was so worth it.  I'll tell you more about the book after I've read more of it.

I've also started reading Loving God, Loving People, which I won in a blog giveaway.  I'm only about 50 pages into it so far, but I'm enjoying it a lot.

On Saturday afternoon I had a chance to take a nap.  On Sunday afternoon I took another nap.  What a luxury for a tired mom!

Here's the best of all.  At church on Sunday morning, we had an opportunity to help a center for single moms.  It all came together--one person's idea, another person's visit, and generous contributions from our congregation--in a really neat way.  My husband and I had just a small part in it, but we were so blessed to be part of it.  I'm still smiling!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Two naps and all that love from your family? That's pretty close to bliss...sounds lovely.
    I should have taken a nap yesterday but I didn't.
    But I did get to snuggle up with two little boys after their bath...the smell and warmth is enough to soothe away any mental boo boos.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend so much. You deserve it!

  2. Your opportunity to give at the center sounds like such a wonderful blessing. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

  3. What a sweet family you have! My husband did a few nice things for me too. One was he took the kids out of the house so I could be alone, something I don't do often enough. I ended up planning out my school week, but was without interruptions. I should have took a nap too! He got me a camera case for my camera, which was much needed and took me out too. The girls got me a really pretty necklace. It was great despite all my family drama. I'm thankful for my kids and hubby.

  4. What a great opportunity at the center! :D I'm sure that was a huge blessing to them and to you!!

  5. That last one is a GREAT book, enjoy my dear :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend my dear I'm a little jealous! And a meal you like with a coupon that my dear is awesome!

    Happy belated Mother's Day my dear :)

  6. so glad you had such a great weekend... you are such a special person


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