Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Back - and a Gardening Update

At the end of last week, I was feeling burned out and uninspired. On Friday afternoon and Saturday, instead of writing up blog posts for the upcoming week, I spent my time folding laundry and sweeping floors.  I got in some exercise and worked on some paperwork that really needs to be done.  We had a family movie night and an afternoon out.  Nothing fancy or expensive, but all good.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I started having ideas for blog posts and wanting to write again.  It reminded me of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (which was required reading at my former job) and its principle of Sharpening the Saw.  Actually, without making a conscious effort to address each of the four areas, I did just that:  exercise and rest (physical); spending time with family and friends (social/emotional); reading (mental); and prayer, Bible study, and worship (spiritual).  In any case, I'm back!

One of the things we did during our afternoon out was shop at the local garden center.  I had been procrastinating about starting a garden this spring, because the idea just overwhelmed me.  This week my husband convinced me that we should plant a garden, but keep it simple.  I always get carried away and plant so much that I can't maintain it.  So yesterday we purchased just our favorites:  one pack of tomato plants, one pack of pepper plants, and one pack of cucumber plants.  To fill in the flower beds (which don't need much, because the perennials have spread so rapidly) we bought two packs of marigolds and a few other annuals.  Easy stuff.  We'll plant them next weekend, if the weather cooperates.

Last week I linked up an older post about using coffee grounds as fertilizer to Holly's Thrifty Thursday party.  I've been using all of my coffee grounds on our two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees, and at least one of them is doing very well since I started!  When we planted the trees, ten or twelve years ago, we didn't realize that they prefer acidic soil and that concrete leaches alkaline.  These poor trees are surrounded (on two or three sides) by concrete sidewalk/foundation, and they desperately needed some acidity.  This spring I've been giving extra attention, in the form of coffee grounds, to the tree that's surrounded on three sides by concrete.  Now it looks better than it has in years.  Is that justification for not giving up my coffee habit?

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  1. I am happy you are refreshed and not staying away for long.
    I got a bunch of thoughts written down this weekend too and it helps clear out the mental klutter that leads to feeling overwhelmed. I'm hoping you have a great week!
    P.S. And helping that tree is total justification for not giving up your coffee. Enjoy!

  2. I always bring a bucket to a local coffee shop during the spring and fall and twice a day it gets filled and I use those grounds in my yard as I don't drink coffee.

    I am glad you renewed yourself.

  3. I am wondering if tea bags would do the same thing? We don't have coffee grounds but have lots and lots of tea bags.

  4. Yippee for rejuvenation. I'm glad to hear you're refreshed with new ideas and a sense of satisfaction from weekend "accomplishments." :-) I really need to schedule my own break, but being a single parent it's hard to take time off from something that doesn't pay enough as well as overcome my procrastination. Excuses, excuses, huh? An-t-way, I'm happy for you. Enjoy your week and I can't wait to see what you'll post next.

  5. Glad you are back. Coffee grounds? I have to read that!

  6. Sounds like you had a much needed "get-out-of-the-house" weekend :)

    We took our dogs and the family went on a 3 mile hike yesterday, it's always nice to get outdoors!

    As a coffee addict myself, I'm glad to hear this! I'll need to try this on our spruce trees.

  7. I am glad you took time for you. It is great to just spend time with family. We did that on Saturday too.

  8. My mom always goes to Starbucks to get their grounds they give them away in HUGE bags. Her roses LOVE it! They are gorgeous and what a great eco way of doing it.

    Glad you're back and you had a little me time :) HUGS

  9. I just popped over here and the first part of your post sounds exactly like what I was going through. I was feeling overwhelmed and burned and stepped away and kind of ignored the blog for a few days and then I missed it and had all kinds of ideas.

    I totally think the wonders that coffee grounds can do for your garden is complete justification for not giving up coffee!
    504 Main

  10. I know all too well about burn out. We are moving dad in. Spent the last four weekends preparing our house and emptying his. My poor brother drove from SC to Tampa Fl two weekends in a row! Talk about being uninspired and exhausted, that's me. Life, it's not always what we wish for is it.


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